Best Table Tennis Training Robot Reviews

A table tennis training robot is designed to give the player the perfect conditions for improving his/her game little by little.

Yes the best training possible you can achieve it with another human being on the other side of the table, but sometimes you need those repetitive sets of balls thrown in a certain way in order to form the good response to those balls.

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Well for those cases you will find ping pong Robots even helpful, because they are designed for a nearly realistic playing experience and even fun, who said that high-technology couldn't help you with mastering the table tennis game.

One of the good things of this robot trainers is they can be used for experienced and beginner players alike, because you can adjust the settings.

Robots for ping pong players are an excellent complement to the every-day training for those people who want to learn faster, and want to master a lot of game conditions.

With the help of these powerful robots you will enhance your style and technique after you increase the amounts of ball contacts, you will improve precision, control, speed and even your response to spins.

There are some things you have to look for in a ping pong robot: First you want a portable model, since you want to carry your new best friend for other tables, and speaking of that you want to be quick and easy to assemble because you hate to waste hours setting this thing up, you want to spend your time playing not learning technology.

And since you will transport your robot, you need to be lightweight. Of course you want to include a whole array of setting in order to replicate the most amount of playing conditions as possible: High speed, topspin, backspin, sidespin and a plain no spin.

Also you want a control panel very use to use with no complicated settings. There are ven model in the market that comes with pre-saved exercises designed for top players, so that’s a plus.

Another nice feature that is time saving it’s to have a wireless remote control because you want to adjust/change your settings right away without interrupting your training at all.

One of the models you should review are: Butterfly AMICUS Table tennis Robot, The Newgy Robo-Pong 2050 Digital, super master, smartpong s100, iPong and many others.

Look for the ones that you think will improve (and challenge you) the best and go for that, if affordable. Go and read the reviews from a few online vendors in order to learn from the customer experience with those table tennis training robots.

I include some videos that could help you with your decision. So if you are considering this incredible training aid and will be perfect for extra practice.

Keep in mind that Table tennis robots come in many of shapes and sizes. What you need to decide is how much are you willing to spend in order to have the best training possible. 

If you want to drastically improve your game then, in addition to this training robot, don't forget to get a custom professional ping pong paddle. Or get a performance-level table tennis racket, like the STIGA pro carbon table tennis paddle. Those little details make a big difference in a long term: increased speed, wow spins, control and power in your hands, better games with enhanced performance.

I'm not sure if tennis robot are good as a training aid for kids, I think that depends on the concept of the trainer. But what you definitely you should do is to involve your little ones in sports, and ping-pong is the perfect opportunity for that. Or at least you should give your children the opportunity of learning by playing. For them, it's the best way to learn. Purchase them a disposable science lab coat specially designed for kids, some science lab toys and let them play all day.

Have a greatd table tennis game!