Custom Professional Ping Pong Paddle Rubber

Christmas, the season of giving away gifts to your loved ones, coworkers and even your boss, it’s here. And if you have been looking for a nice personalized gift, you can consider to buy a custom ping pong paddle rubber for those people.

Almost everyone likes to play a little of ping pong and with a nice customization they could receive the best paddle set, remember people like to have their names (or their pictures) written on the object you are giving them, it’s what makes the gift special and unique.

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You can give away these custom ping pong paddles as birthday gifts also, and don’t forget Hanukkah, and other special events.

Now, if you are an intermediate or advanced table tennis player you will need to consider a custom blade and rubber.

Pro players like (and should) have their own style, fast attack strokes and controlled responses according to the opponent, so there are a few blade a rubber combinations that are winners for them. Custom tennis bats are hand assembled from a high quality blade and a rubber suited to their unique style of play.

That’s why it’s important for a player to know how to remove and replace the rubbers when they are worn, this way they always will be with their best hand assembled weapon for any major tournament.

So if you have been playing for a while with a premade bat, and you have improved your game a lot maybe it’s time to start playing with a custom-made paddle.

Pre-made (or pre-assembled) are not bad, in fact they are great for beginners because they offer them a decent quality racket for an inexpensive price. With these rackets the buying process is simple since the rubber is already assembled and you don’t have to spend a lot of time comparing blades and rubbers.

Generally with those recreational paddles you won’t have the option of removing the rubber from the paddle. So if the rubber is worn then it’s time for buying a new tennis bat.

Even there are stores that will walk you through step by step while you are making the selection of the best custom table tennis bat according to your needs and desires, they will present you with blades and tournament approved (ITFF) rubbers for you to choose with the proper thickness and tackiness.

If you are going for the trouble of creating your own custom ping pong table then it’s very important to know how to glue your new rubbers to your blade and how to clean your paddle rubber with a high-quality cleaner or a wiper care kit.

For custom made rackets (CMR) you can follow expert guidance in order to find the right blade-rubber combination for your playing style.

Also make sure you give your bats that extra layer of protection by using the a high-quality cover case for your  paddle. With them you will further protect your rackets and also the tackiness of your rubber will be preserved for longer. Specially if you get slightly big design in order to provide ample space for opening and closing the case.

Well, at least treating yourself to a custome professional paddle isn't as hard as choosing a crazy funny christmas ties for your little boy.