Best Ping Pong Paddle Case Butterfly Table Tennis Bag

You want to provide good care for your ping pong paddle, not only you have learn how to clean your rubber, but you also know how to replace rubbers and even you have a custom table tennis paddle.

Now, you want an extra layer of protection by using the best cover case for your beloved paddle. With these durable cases you will further protect your rackets and also the tackiness of your rubber will be preserved for longer.

You want the best features for this paddle cases. you want a slightly big design in order to provide ample space for opening and closing the case.

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Also you want a modern design that goes with your table tennis clothes. It’s very important to protect your paddle, both blades and rubber from any damage while you are carrying your ping pong paddles, these cases, bags and covers give your ping pong utensils that extra layer of protection when you are not playing.

As you can imagine, the regular use of paddle covers will diminish the need of cleaning dust and dirt collected over your racket thus extending the life of your custom paddle.

In order to choose the best table tennis racket case, you should follow some simple guidelines for look after your racket, the first is to invest in a high-quality paddle case or cover, after all you don’t want to minimize the risk of some accidents such as liquid spills, scratches, remember you invested a good sum of money for the paddle you are currently using.

These paddle bags come in several shapes, some with a racket shaped case and others with a more traditional rectangular shape, others as a carrying loop.

I would think the ones with oblong shape would be better because they tend to be more padded, and provide more than enough space for your bat (even one additional paddle depending on the size).

According to your specific need try to get one thick case if you want maximum protection for your paddles and if possible, with ball storage too. One good brand is butterfly, it’s well-known for its quality on manufacturing these table tennis bags.

Not only you can hold your rackets but also 2-4 balls, and they also provide additional storage compartments, interior pockets and with padded panels for extra protection.

Other good ones are those who come with a Hard Shell Racket Case or even a metal case. I listed one here. Nobody said these covers have to be ugly.

They come in an attractive design for a modern look. And they come in a lot of color combinations, choose the one that best suits your style.

Keep in mind that using a ping pong cover doesn’t replace a good cleaning and maintenance regime in order to keep your rubbers in good condition, you can use a good deal of cleaners in the market to keep your rubbers with all the features that allow you to perform best in your game. You should learn how to glue or remove glue from a table tennis rubber.

Look for the ones designed with ping pong players needs in-mind. Speaking of giving table tennis players all those good things they need, please consider the aid of a well-designed tennis training robot, they offer the player the ideal conditions for improving his/her game with repetitive practice.

Also keep in mind kids, if you practice ping-pong, ask your little one if they are interested in playing this great sport. Take them to your tournaments and training sessions, if possible, and if they show interest then teach them fundamental things. If they are still babies, or very little for practicing table tennis, then help them with coordination exercises or fun educational and musical toys. When the time comes for practicing a sport things will be easier for them.