Waterproof Ping Pong Table Covers Heavy-Duty

For you who want to play outdoor table tennis with your family, all can participate: young, old, adult, kids.

For maximum enjoyment, and for last a time hobby, you need a weatherproof table tennis table.

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Maybe you don’t have a entertainment room inside your home, so you need a ping pong table outdoors, well your best option to purchase a waterproof table tennis table, you know you won’t want your table to be damaged after a rain or when some elements entered in contact with it, for example a table in direct contact with the sun will become warped.

Btw, this doesn’t mean you should not use a table cover in order to provide that extra protection for your ping pong table.

Yes, table tennis it’s mainly an indoors sport, but you need to play outside your home, so the solution it’s to have an outdoors waterproof tennis table.

As you know, ping pong it’s a fun sport, and also promotes hand-eye coordination for kids. It could be a little expensive if you consider all accessories that you need to get, you know paddles, balls, net, rubber, cleaners, paddle cases and of course the table.

But could be even more expensive if you have to change the table because one day the table was on your yard and a heavy rain fell.

For that reason weatherproof table tennis were invented, one table that the table will hold up well in all seasons.

KETTLER is one of the best manufacturers of this kind of tables and their aluminum table tennis tops (ALU-TEC™) are one of the best weather resistant outdoor ping pong tables.

The idea behind the special treatment of the wood is to seal it for providing durability, and giving the surface UV-resistant capabilities without harming bounceability of the playing surface.

The company has tested this coating technology against various climatic conditions. It’s an aluminum composite seal that gives this table top all its Climate proof capabilities.

Also prevents wood expansion (and contraction) due to temperature changes. When the table it’s not in use you can use soft corner and edge protectors for preserving the top from scratches or elements.

It come with several coatings and treated boards for long duration and high-quality product with Scratch and Fade Resistant.

As we already said, you can use a Kettler cover when the table is stored for extra duration. The indoor vs outdoor table tennis dilemma.

In general you should buy an indoors table because this is a game designed to be played under a roof, and yes, some tables could be used for playing outdoors, but only for a little space of time and after that you should move it inside your home.

But if you want a table exclusively for playing outdoors, I mean permanently, then you need to make sure that the manufacturer declares it’s designed for outdoor use. The most important part it’s that the top surface to be weatherproof.

Even they could come with an undercarriage and net made of galvanized steel (don’t worry your paddles can be of wood still LOL), but that’s if you even consider the table to be portable. If you are fine with a static table, you can also consider to build a concrete table.

They are made with a polished top surface, so make sure you hire a good builder for a perfect top finish in order to have long duration.

Keep in mind outdoor table are a little more expensive than their counterparts because, as you have seen in this issue, they need some special design and construction in order to have that weather resistant, rust and waterproofing properties.

So if you are looking for completely weatherproof outdoor table tennis tables then look for good manufacturers with good warranty, such as Kettler (Kettler Stockholm GT Institutional/Tournament Indoor Table Tennis Table), Killerspin, cornilleau, Joola outdoor, look for the ones that are not only waterproof but allow you to play well.

They are good for institutional use (heavy-duty), or simply for parks and public locations.

This review could be useful for you when shopping for your best option for a outdoors table tennis for your family.