Stiga Evolution Table Tennis Racket Review Blades Titan Performance

If you are looking for a performance-level table tennis paddle made with high quality manufacturing standards, and with all those nice speed and control features specially designed for improving your game welcome to this article focused on the stiga table tennis paddle reviews.

As you know stiga is one of the most popular makers of ping pong paddles (or rackets, or bats) in the world. If you acquire one of the stiga paddles lines such as Evolution, Apex, Performance, Titan, PRO carbon, Reflex among others you will know you will paying for a ITTF Approved paddle with an approved Rubber for Tournament Play.

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The beauty of choosing your best and right bat between these different stiga models is that you will find a comparison table where you will see different values for speed, control and spin. For example, the evolution racket comes with 96 of speed, 94 spin and 90 control.

All of them (with the exception of Titan) come with ACS technology. This means the rubber comes with microscopic air-capsules which allow you to play with high speed and better control. So this STIGA ACS is in your favor.

The internal blade (middlewood part) of these paddles is made of 6-Ply and 2mm Sponge, so it’s very lightweight, btw if weight it’s a big concern for you look for the ones that say Light balsa weight.

Some experts say that the light weight blade is very good for those players with speed plays, but they say are not suitable for those players a power game, it’s like that some of the ball's momentum is absorbed by the paddle and not transferred to the ball.

All of the above mentioned paddles come with WRB, that means the balance of the blade is shifted to that point where the ball contact the rubber, which enhances the rate of recovery after you stroke the ball.

As the name suggest the only paddle with carbon technology is the stiga PRO carbon, one of the past issues is dedicated to review this pro carbon model. The pro and the evolution are the only ones that come with Shock Dispersion and Nano Composite Tube.

And all models (with the exception of Apex) come with Crystal Technology (for hardening the surface of the blade, for higher speeds). And only Supreme has STIGA Tube, which is a technology for the middle veneer and 'Micro-Channels' are milled lengthways in the middle ply of the blades.

After that they fill the channels with different materials for improved characteristics. Above are the good things, some people complain about the sponge saying it’s a slow rebounding sponge, which means it doesn’t return quickly to its original shape after the ball impact. But this is not of concern for people who like a lot of spins, and they have ”tackiness”.

The handle is good but not much better than other brands but it feels good on your hands. So I’d like to say as conclusion for this STIGA paddle review is this paddle are a good investment for beginners and intermediate players because of their nice quality features, but keep in mind as you advance in your performance you should consider custom paddles made just for your own unique play style.

So after you outperform these ready-made ping pong rackets you may choose to go for a customised rone. So in order to make the right choice of table tennis racket all you need is good information from someone with good experience on ping pong paddles, better if he/she is a player who uses stiga paddles, because the best teacher is a current user of these models.

The general price of Stiga table tennis rackets it’s around $30-$40 so they are not very expensive for their quality.

One good tip you should keep in mind is to purchase your stiga racket from a vendor with good stock rotation, like amazon or walmart, because the table tennis rubbers tend to deteriorate when exposed to sunlight and age and other conditions, so you don’t want to purchase a paddle which has been stored in your local store for so long.

So go for the best ping pong paddle rubber from a highly popular online or local store.

A good model, with good reviews on amazon it’s the STIGA Pure Color Advance Table Tennis Racket. So go for the right stiga paddle for you and good game!