Kettler Heavy-Duty Outdoor Table Tennis Cover Waterproof Accessories

In order to prolong the life your table you need to consider a ping pong table cover. You don’t want the surface of your table tennis top to be damaged by scratches by dust particles or for overexposure to sunlight or what’s even worst water.

One of the best table tennis covers in the market is the kettler heavy-duty outdoor table tennis cover. For that reason we are going to review one of these table covers. 

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Kettler is one of the best manufacturers of ping pong tables and he understand this industry. If you use this needed protection accessory from Kettler you definitely will enhance your outdoor and indoor ping pong playing experience with a very professional technology to satisfy your needs as a table tennis player.

So protect your table from outdoor elements, or simply keep the table free of dust and dirt when it’s not in use. With KETTLER Table Tennis Cover is Weatherproof, heavy-duty and with long duration.

If you go for good popular cover such as butterfly, Stiga, Joola, Kettler etc they will provide you with cover sizes that generally fit most tables in the market, and of course being a reputable brand they will offer a good warranty if any defects or bad things in the product.

If you have a great table tennis table (indoor or outdoors) and you spent money for it, then it’s logical to think on take measures to preserve its quality features, after all you want to play with your family for a long time, right?

You want to look for a waterproof cover UV-resistant for heavy-duty uses, specially if you want to use it as a protection for an outdoors ping pong table. Since the tabletop is generally made of wood (there are others made of concrete) you need to keep the water away from the surface, if you don’t want bumps after a heavy rain.

You want the most watertight cover as possible. But the problem is not only the water, it’s also the sunlight because if you let the direct sunlight over the table and it could become warped.

so if you want a table tennis exclusively for outdoor use then consider a table made specially for this, they are designed with special aluminum composites to avoid deforming of the table surface when in contact with the elements.

A table cover is one of the most important ping pong accessories because you want to keep your table surface clean and smooth, always ready for any game. Speaking of making something clean, please keep in mind to keep your paddle rubber sheet clean all the time, you should remove dust, oil and dirt from your rubber in order to keep your rubbers in good condition, thus your paddle will last longer without affecting your game performance.

This article serves as a review of the best table tennis covers you will find listed on online places like amazon or walmart, they are designed to preserve the look of your ping pong table.

There are also suppliers of table tennis parts and accessories, such as Butterfly Spare Parts. As you know there are times when you don’t need the replace the complete table, maybe you just need to change only the net, or the net/post set, or the nut and bolt fixings, locking wheels, etc.

So if you have a butterfly table and you are looking for table spare parts, you can search online for a vendor with those parts you need to keep having fun with your family and friends.

As you know butterfly is one of the world's best table tennis manufacturer.

So there you have it, get a good heavy duty and weatherproof table cover and also don’t let the fun die just because you need a spare part for your butterfly table.

These kind of heavy-duty outdoor accessories are not useful only as a table tennis protector, they are also a great idea and a necessary item for another entertainment item such as a pool table conversion with top air hockey combo.

Have a good game!