Pool Table Conversion Top Air Hockey Combo Ping Pong

Pool table conversion tops are just an additional tabletop where you use this tabletop for other uses such as dinner, air hockey, table tennis, etc.

It’s great for those families where there are no game rooms or simply where the game room doesn’t have enough space for including other game.

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So you just convert the pool table, or another game table for that matter, in other game. For example you have a pool or billiard table and then you put a table top and instantly you will be able to play air hockey or ping pong.

So the air hockey surface goes on top of the pool table, and you won’t need additional legs in order you can play air hockey or table tennis.

Make sure that the tops you use for your pool table has good quality padding to protect its surface.

You don’t want to scratch the surface when you are playing other games.

The greatest benefit a good conversion top offers is that now you have the ability of expanding your game room, without occupying any additional space just put or change the table top and voilá now you can play air hockey or table tennis.

This will allow you to save money because you won’t have to spend money on additional tables. maximizing available space.

Not only you will able to play billiard, but conversion tops will allow you to play multiple games using just one table, talk about huge cost savings, because as you could imagine most conversion tops are way less expensive than having to purchase a full-size air hockey surface table.

What is great is the ability of protecting your pool table from potential accidents (scratch, spill, elements, dust, etc.) while you are playing the other games, so for that reason it’s important to use the right size for the tabletop choose the one that fits the table.

Of course the multi-functional conversion tops also would act as a padded cover for your billiard/pool table. Click hee to see more different conversion top styles that will allow you to maximize the efficiency of your table with multiple uses you will get for entertainment and dining.

If you want to preserve floor space then use one of these pool table air hockey combos to easily convert your pool table into a ping pong, foosball or air hockey table.

As mentioned earlier this space saving solution it’s great for smaller game rooms. Even some combination pool table for ping pong also include a net, and a 2-player set with rackets and ping pong balls.

The marketplace offer some nice models for conversion tables to find the perfect one fitting your pool table. Also you can get replacement parts for this kind of conversion tables just as easily as when you are looking for ping pong table replacement parts.

These conversion table games promote movement and movement foster life and energy, for that reason having one of these tables installed in your backyard will answer one of the most common questions regarding weight loss at home, for example: "I need serious help losing weight but how? ping pong is an easy exercise you can do at home.

There also other good models of beautiful air hockey tables with a table tennis conversion top. So you would bypass the pool table, but you will be able to play two wonderful games there.

Those super table are a pool table acting as a dual air hockey perfect for indoor or outdoor get-together, and people will have several choices to play, so you won't have to stick to just one kind of game.