Pool Table Dining Conversion Top Combo

These pool/billiard table conversion tops are an excellent way to expand your game room for multiple tables and surfaces, the proper way to do is by using an additional tabletop that fits your pool table dimension.

You have to look for those conversion kits designed with high quality foam padding in order to offer good protection to the surface of your pool table, you don’t want scratches and spots for your billiard/pool surface.

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One of the main benefits for gamers and homeowners of using these practical conversion tops offer incredible benefits is the ability of maximizing available space when game room areas are not enough for including more game tables, after all you have the table already, you only need to change the top in order to enjoy ping pong (table tennis), air hockey and even you could use for an elegant dinner.

The different conversion top styles will allow you to maximize the efficiency of your table because the multiple uses you will give for gaming, entertainment and dining.

The second obvious benefit has to do with huge cost savings, because otherwise you had to purchase expensive full-size game tables, or even you will have to invest on another game room or expanding the current one.

So your budget won’t suffer when building a complete great game room.

Nobody want to cause scratches or accidental spills to your billiard table, not only they will look ugly but the game will be negatively affected because the ball won’t have a smooth and even surface where to roll on.

So those multi-functional multi-sport conversion tops must act as a protective cover for your billiard table from things such as scratches, dust, elements, etc.

There are some reversible top fitting pool tables with sizes of 7, 8 and 9 feet. The great advantage of using one of these dual side conversion tops is that you will have two different options in one.

In one side you will use the surface for dining with all your family, and when is time for games you use the reverse side for playing card games, is truly two tables in one, very practical solution.

If you already have a good dining table, then you could use another style of conversion top for playing ping pong over a surface you put on top of your pool table, Ideal for smaller rooms and they even come with table tennis sets including paddles, net, and balls.

If you want to convert or transform your current pool table to a temporary dining table (or for any other different use such as conference) use one of these conversion tops that will help you to take advantage of that nice table without damaging the pool surface.

Most of the conversion top in the market come with several sections which slide and fasten together to create a new top over the billiard table.

If they don’t come in section, then look for the foldable ones, they should fold up easily for storage. Also they come in different colors, dimensions and models.

They should assemble quickly, so you can be up and running with your new game without any problems at all.

Also you can install a mini tabletop soccer game, which is the perfect unique gift and surprise for soccer fan friend on next Christmas.

It’s also a good idea to get a separate pool table cover, because this would offer extra protection against accidental spills or harmful elements such as water, etc that might seep through the table top.