Ping Pong Table Replacement Parts Net and Post Set 3-Star Balls

Are you looking for some replacement parts for your KETTLER table tennis?

You can find spare parts for your beloved ping pong game directly on Kettler’s website, local authorised dealers and some online vendors such as walmart and amazon.

Check These Products Out...

Generally you can find and replace your damaged or missing part using a search by model number or part name.

In case an item is not available in your local dealer then you can contact directly Kettler support department.

Since kettler is one of the best ping pong table manufacturers, they offer an ample range of spare parts for outdoor and indoor table tennis tables. Just have your table model number and what part(s) you currently need.

One of the most looked for items by ping pong hobbyists is a Tournament-Level Table Tennis Net and Post Set, you can find a Kettler's replacement net with a high-quality nylon mesh.

Of course you can also look for only the posts, this net set fits most of the tables of the market, and since they are made by kettler they offer warranty.

Other Kettler spare parts are Support Screws, Bolts and Nuts for Kettler Metal Release, Kettler Non-Locking and locking Wheels, premium net and post sets, PVC clamps.

Also if you want to play with a performance level Net and Post Set then you can also get good products such as the STIGA Premium Clipper 72". it’s very easy to install and remove when you are not using your table.

These set includes heavy-duty steel posts, and a system for tension adjustment for keeping the net taut, so the net will never sag. If you go for a KETTLER replacement net you will a quality accessory for your game.

And they also come with tension adjuster tabs for a firm net. Of course you also need a lot of balls to play, ping pong balls are not a replacement part per se but without them you cannot play, one of the best balls are the STIGA 3-Star Table Tennis Balls.

If you are looking to replace your table tennis paddle then read this review on the STIGA Pro Carbon paddle.

They are perfect for tournament performance and they are approved by International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).

These balls are good for control, speed, bounce, and excellent spin. The Stiga Table Tennis Ball Boasts high quality and enhanced performance, they come in a 6-pack so you will not stop the fun just because one of them went missing.

Many of them are hand selected and pre-tested. So never let a table tennis go to waste without exploring the possibility of finding those spare parts you need to leave your ping pong table as new.

Also, don't forget the fun factor involved in table tennis! this is a great sport for promoting eye-hand coordination for both adults and kids. Table tennis Is also a great way to lose weight and stay fit, so for best results in that healthy area make sure you prepare a delicious healthy beverage after you play ping pong.

Sure, there are a lot of accessories you can get for enhancing your game and having more fun, but start with those few crucial items first like a good quality net and post set, great 3-star balls, some training balls, a good table tennis table cover and of course with the best table tennis paddles and rubbers for better game experience.