Stiga Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket Paddle Bats Review

If you are looking for Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket, look no further than the STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Paddle which features carbon technology for increased speed, spins, control and power in your hands, better games with enhanced performance.

And it’s a ITTF Approved Rubber for tournament-level performance.

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This paddle comes with latest technology which means 2 layers of carbon are built-in the blade for better performance of the player, now if you couple this with a touch of Nano Composite Technology for allowing Stronger bonds in the rubber sheets you will have a winning combination for better spins in the ball.

The premium rubber is ultra lightweight (which is possible thanks to the rubber contains microscopic air-capsules and 2mm sponge), and you know what a lightweight bat means, high speeds on your attacks and responses and improved rate of recovery after you hit the ball. Not only this, but the blade (center-ply) is made with Balsa Technology.

STIGA Pro Carbon Handle is a Concave Pro which is designed to be comfortable giving you a slightly more control of the paddle significantly more control for those moments when you need to hit the ball more harder.

Other important point is the Weight Balance of the paddle, for the carbon pro this is shifted towards the point of contact with the ball, making the paddle very easy to maneuver.

Regarding rubber sheet, yes you are able to replace the rubbers on this paddle, and of course you need to do a regular maintenance with a good fluid rubber cleaner and a stiga wiper in order to keep its condition as new.

If you take care of this baby it will retain its stickiness, even after months of use, your play chops will have those magic curves for smashing your opponents. The rubber of the STIGA Pro Carbon ping pong racket is approved by the International Table Tennis Federation Cole, since its design meets all pertinent regulations.

After this review give this ping pong paddle a chance, it doesn’t matter if you are not a pro yet, but why not, your game will improve with a pro level racket; there are other good ones in the market too such as: stiga supreme, evolution, titan, reflex and apex, read more about them and go for the one you like the most for your current level of table tennis skills.

Compare things like the thickness of the rubber, weight of the blade, spin, speed and control, technology, etc.

Read the table where differences are noted for each criterion. Get this STIGA carbon pro today and immediately start playing like a pro, it doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or a ping pong hobbyist.

It’s a good quality racket, some people say that the rubber is thicker than the most budget paddles, but their technology allows for a lightweight and you will become used to it and you will be a better ping pong player.

Stiga manufactures high quality table tennis items and they are a well-known brand for this ping pong market, so your product has high chances of being durable, meaning it won’t break after your first few games.

The rubber has a lot of stickiness, so more spin for you! Many people recommend this STIGA paddle and if you have tried some cheaper models before you will feel difference in your performance when you handle one of these Pro carbon tech Table tennis racket.