Ping Pong Paddle Rubber Cleaner Care Kit

The general idea of a ping pong paddle rubber sheet cleaner is to remove dust, oil and dirt from your rubber in order to restore the rubber sheet to its original quality.

If you keep your rubbers in good condition with a regular maintenance ritual care your paddle will last longer and your performance will be better.

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If you have been playing table tennis for a while now, I’m sure you took a good time to choose the best table tennis rubbers for your playing style, you know the ones you feel give you the most control, spin and speed.

Now, you want to keep those very same rubber sheets in their best shape and form for as long as possible. That’s why we decided to focus the content of this issue on cleaning your ping pong paddle rubber, and of course to give you the best recommendations for cleaning kits.

As you already know, once your ball starts touching your tennis bat, little by little it will start collecting dust and other grime over the playing surface.

Of course the performance of your rubber will be reduced, since this material will affect the gripping (stickiness) of the ball, so you won’t be able to give good spins as before.

So better do it later than ever clean that dirt off, with a good cleaner that doesn’t hurt the rubber while you do your cleaning. For cleaning your paddle, you can simply use a good sponge (or soft towel) and water. It’s a good solution (and way a lot cheaper) for removing dust, but it won’t eliminate the oil problem.

For that reason you will find numerous rubber Cleaning kits (Foam, fluid or Spray) in the market, you simply add a few drops of these cleaner over the rubber and simply wipe the excess of fluid with a sponge (there are several sponges manufacturers specialized in table tennis like the Stiga sponge wiper).

A good brands you could use with no problems are Butterfly, Innoglue, Joola, Nittaku. Of course prices will be more expensive than cleaning your bat with soapy water and a sponge. You can look for more good articles on how to clean ping pong paddle rubber searching google, I hope these tips help you to choose the best cleaning foam for your ping pong racket.

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As you know Stiga is one of the most popular makers of ping pong paddles in the world. If you choose one of the Stiga paddles lines such as Evolution, Apex, Performance, Titan, PRO carbon, Reflex among others you will know you will paying for a ITTF Approved paddle with an approved Rubber for Tournament Play.

Of course, after years of use a good cleaning routine will not suffice, so you could consider to replace your rubber sheets for a new ones,

And that’s my friend material for another time because we have to talk about glue, wiper, blades, and even you could consider a custom made ping pong paddle rubber.

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