How To Clean Ping Pong Paddle Rubber Cleaner Wiper Care Kit

You replaced the rubber sheet of your old but loved ping pong paddle and you need a good sponge for cleaning the racket and keeping the rubber as new; a good one it’s the Stiga Rubber Wiper, it’s a sturdy rectangular sponge for cleaning your ping pong paddle rubber.

The best part is that works as described, it’s not expensive and will leave your tennis paddle completely clean, without any residues on the rubber; remember you need the best cleaning for best performance in your game.

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With this Stiga sponge you wipe the rubber cleaner in order to spread the cleaner and to remove any excess.

To be fair, some reviewers of this product say this sponge it’s good for spreading the cleaning fluid around the rubber, but they complain doesn’t absorb enough or that tends to stick to the surface of the paddle, which means it’s not smooth enough for them or simply feel it’s not too hard, so these people prefer a clean rag or simply a handkerchief.

Other people say after using this sponge for using with a good spray cleaner this wiper works so well that the cleaner leave the racket as new for a long time.

Now, you don’t have to use this sponge exclusively with a rubber cleaner, you can use this wiper with just a few drops of water and you wipe any debris or dust that could be adhered to the tennis racket. Granted, there are other good brands of rubber wipers in the market (and I list some of them in the magazine), such as Butterfly, Nittaku, Yasaka Fukuda, etc.

Some people prefer softer sponges than this one in order to glide easily over the rubber, others prefer a sturdy one, it’s matter of preference, but make sure you choose a high.quality one in order to get the best results when maintaining your paddle.

Also this Stiga rubber sponge come with a plastic pouch in order to keep it clean. It helps you to cleans thoroughly the rubber surface on table tennis bats and it’s good for regular use for best results. So this wiper could do a well job of restoring the rubbers of your table tennis. Also you can get a good case in order to preserve your bat for longer.

As you may know, you need to give care to your table tennis equipment and make sure to fix your table tennis and net with the best replacement parts. The first reason is because makes sense for financial reasons to keep your equipment in excellent conditions, it's cheaper to purchase a replacement part than a new item; and second because with a proper equipment your game performance will be improved or at least not reduced.

Now I want to give you some tips on how to clean a ping pong paddle rubber: it’s not good enough to clean your paddle with just water or soapy water, if you want to remove dust and oil collected between the pores you need a liquid cleaner that contains some mild chemicals doing an excellent job of restoring the rubber to its original condition.

Other people like to use a foam cleaner because permeates the pores of the rubber, if you are going to use a foam make sure to sure a high density wiper like stiga wiper, the idea with the foam is to clean it as a razor but not wiping in a circular motion.

Other type of cleaner is aerosols, and one of the best advantages of using it is they last for a long time, for example one bottle of Joola Dr.Tango (if you use it sparingly) will do a good job on all rubbers.

It’s very important to have a clean and fresh tennis racket because the buildup of dirt on a paddle's playing surface reduces dramatically the tackiness in the rubber, affecting your control of the ball for spinning, etc, so it is advisable to clean the rubber after every match.

If you want to know how to safely clean a good table tennis racket, then have a good use of the best cleaners and wipers of the market (look for table tennis racket care kit). Now if you just want to use water, then simply Dip the sponge into the water, making sure there is not an excessive amount of fluid on it (squeeze it) soak it just enough to remove dust.

Please note: if you bring too much water to your paddle you can damage the wood wood of the racket.

And lastly, remember to wipe the sponge in a straight line like shaving, not use circular motions.

Other way to clean with water is to soak the corner of a clean and soft towel and wipe the rubber with that, then dry with a smooth sponge or towel.

If you insist on using water, you will get general good results but you won’t be able to wipe oils that could collect on the surface, for that reason you should consider a ping pong paddle rubber cleaner.

You could use the rubber cleaner sometimes (tournaments, etc) and use water other times (training, hobbies) On other articles we will talk about how to choose your table tennis glue and tips on how to affix your rubbers onto your table tennis blade.

After you have cleaned your ping pong paddle rubber and you have finished your table tennis chores you could treat yourself to a good funny rebounding session over a high-quality no spring trampoline, do you think if you invite your little one they would say no?