Nerf N-Strike Mega Bigshock Blaster Review Refill

Today we are going to review a nerf n-strike mega bigshock blaster.

Yes, a toy gun blaster that shot darts of foam (it fires mega darts), they are fun and kids and adults are raving about playing with these foam dart guns.

You came here because you want to make an informed decision before you increase your collection of Nerf Products or simply because you want an entry point to this hobby that is both affordable and extremely fun.

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It’s funny This little blaster is called Nerf N-Strike Mega BigShock because it fits in the palm or your hand but still is called mega. It seems an upgrade of the Ultra-small JOLT blaster that you can easily hide it in your pocket.

But don’t get me wrong, it’s smaller but not less powerful. As you may know Hasbro it’s the manufacturer of these Nerf blasters, other sports products.

Also other popular models are the nerf n-strike Elite, vortex, super soaker water blasters. So the market is receiving plenty of models for all tastes and ages.

This model comes with 2 Mega Darts whistler darts (you will cause fear in your opponent when shooting these screaming darts as they fly over the battlefield), which you can storage inside the blaster, and of course you can get refills in 100-pack and other amounts that you can use as reserve neatly stored in the compartment, so you won’t stop your nerf battle, and you can upgrade your blaster with other gear and accessories.

Other model that fires mega darts is the Elite Mega CycloneShock blaster.The BigShock model features same quality performance as other N-Strike Elite blasters, but the beauty of it it’s their smaller size compared to other Mega units.

So you’ll only need one hand to dominate your opponents with the power of this “tiny” blaster. Many people like to compare this Bigshock blaster with the well-known Elite Retaliator which is one the most popular blaster from Nerf line of products, People like to compare their dart shooting capabilities, the amount of configuration, ergonomics and general appearance.

Some people prefer use the Bigshock as a backup after all the munitions have been shot. So the word mega in its name is not referring to their size but to their mega capabilities It comes with a basic design but it’s high performance type of thing.

The craftsmanship of this high-quality blaster make the users feel this gun looks like the real deal In terms of performance it tends to go on the lower side because it’s a gray trigger model (non-elite), not only on range but on dart velocities.

But for people or kids just wanting to have fun (btw the world of RC drift racing cars could contain enough adrenaline to satisfy the thisrt for adventure of your boy, check models and videos here), the Mega BigShock has enough power for giving you a good battle. Other accessories you can get are Tactical Vest Kits, Vision Gear, Precision Target Set, 100 dart refill packs for elite versions, and of course other models of blasters such as Elite Retaliator, Rampage, Triad EX-3, hailfire, strongarm, barricade rv-10, longstrike cs-6 and raider.

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I hope you review the model you want and choose the Mega bigshock, their little brother the Nerf N-Strike Jolt Blaster or other blaster you like the most.