Jolly Jumper Bumper Bonnet Toddler Head Cushion for Baby

One of the things that causes great distress among parents is that babies knock or hit their heads against the floor or the corners of the table.

The other day I was browsing amazon and I found one of these head cushions, and I was curious, they looked funny, but after reading a bit and realizing why they were designed this way I said. Oh this is an amazing solution for a potential big problem.

Many parents will be thankful for this product, it’s affordable and solves a problems that parents are having with toddler who are starting to walk, these head protectors or toddler helmets will save you from visits to the hospital.

Home safety devices are not only for babies, infants and toddlers. According to Kidsafe (an independent foundation dedicated to preventing unintentional death or injury among children throughout Australia), 'young children under the age of five years are most at risk of unintentional injury, and account for around half of all child injury deaths'. So how can risk of injury in the house be avoided or reduced? The best way is by "baby-proofing" the home by assessing risk areas and installing appropriate safety devices.

There are not many styles to choose, but you have to keep in mind this is not a fashion item but a protector for your little baby’s head, so maybe you want to purchase 2 different head protectors with 2 colors just in case, or simply because the size of one will be better than the other one.

This is like a soft cloth helmet for your babies, yes they are not skateboarding or something extreme like that but they are learning new things everyday, and they want to walk faster each and every day and soon their heads will be to the height of the table, so you need to save and guard their heads to all costs from hitting against the wall, table corners or edges or from the floor.

These head cushions are great for those toddler learning to crawl or walk. The padding of some of these protectors are made out of high tech foam which makes it comfortable for your child because it's not bulky. One of the top priority for us as parents is to protecting the baby's head.

Safety First.Your baby will probably spend more time in his crib than anywhere else for the first few months of his life. It's not unusual for a child to stay in a crib until they are three years old! but when those toddler learning to crawl or walk some of these protectors are made one of the top priority for the parents is to protecting the baby's head.

These Jolly jumper bumpers are designed with a great concept, but maybe the material could be a little sturdier because maybe it’s a little soft, but who knows, maybe if it’s made more sturdier could be heavier for your baby’s head.

The head cushion can effectively protect the baby during the collision and the friction caused by the bump and fall. It is an ultra lightweight safety helmet offers most ideal protection for toddlers during walking, crawling and playing.(#ad)

Eyourhappy Infant Baby Toddler Safety Helmet

When the infant falls forward, the an incline towards the face for protection at the moment of touching ground.

Simplicity Baby Infant Toddler No Bumps

Keep clean is important to the baby/toddlers, the baby helmet is washable with water and there will not be any deforming after repeated wash.

But the concept of protection works great for most of toddlers, so you don’t have to keep worried when she is around the furniture, or corners of the table. When reading some reviews in several online stores I found that this is very useful for babies who have hemophilia, saving the baby from nasty bruises.

Other people have tried the No shock helmet, but they complained that after few months the velcro was useless rendering the product ineffective. And to be fair some people say this cushion is a little bulky, and yes baby could stumble against other things too.

So protect your baby’s head with one of these baby head bumpers from Jolly jumper, especially in those times when your little one is discovering, jumping and learning to walk. With this bumper bonnet (cushioned safety hats) your baby will move more freely around your house, and you will worry less making your nerves to be a little more calm..

This simple cushioned design will save him when he gets himself under the table, also it’s very good for those babies who started walking a little early, as you know they tend to be a little unstable.

You Can Provide Protection With These Safety Helmet To Your Active Babies’ Heads..

Crawling offers babies more than just a (cute) way to get where they want to go. In fact, learning to crawl is commonly considered an important developmental milestone in a baby’s life.

And while some babies may skip the crawling phase entirely and go straight to walking, generally, most babies will discover the benefits of getting about on all fours from around the age of six to 12 months.

A traditional crawl requires a baby to support his own weight with hands and knees while propelling himself in a forward motion. But babies aren’t limited to the one crawl and many adopt a variety of different crawling styles to achieve mobility. From the bum shuffle to commando-style, the crab glide to bear walk, how a baby adapts this important developmental phase may be as unique - and entertaining - as they are.

Getting about on all fours in the first year of life offers babies a wealth of positive and quantifiable benefits. Here we've listed just six reasons why crawling plays an important role in your baby's development.

Another tip to help your baby to crawling with safety is these panels play yard, simple and easy conversion with no tools required... It is use too for the fire place guard, stairway guard and christmas tree barrier.(#ad)

Baby Playpen Kids 14 Panel Safety Play Center

The material is safe and non-toxic, you can rest assured to use.

Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Gate and Play Yard, White 

Folds down for easy set up and storage ; All steel durable design

1. Physical development

As your baby starts to crawl they’re developing:

gross motor skills - these are larger movements your baby makes with his arms, legs, feet or his entire body. These skills are important because they offer him a physicality he will need as he grows to be able to walk, run and jump.

fine motor skills - these involve strengthening the smaller muscles in the body such as hands and fingers. They will be used down the track to grasp things, move the mouth and chew, write with a pen or pencil and even fasten clothing.

balance - achieving balance is an essential physical requirement for your baby to gather both confidence and the ability to move into the next phase - walking.

hand-eye coordination - required to use the eyes to direct attention and the hands to execute a task. This is essential to writing and even kicking a ball.

2. Spatial understanding

Crawling also offers opportunity for a baby to understand spatial concepts. This provide the child with a physical understanding and orientation of the physical world around them; their relationship with and position within it. For example, while a crawling bub often prefers to go 'through' things rather than 'around', with practice and experience, babies soon learn how to negotiate a more efficient path to their desired destination. This understanding will be of vital importance throughout their lives for self-preservation, navigation and problem solving.

3. Binocular vision

Your baby’s visual skills will develop in leaps and bounds on discovering that their favourite rattle can be near or far away. This is called binocular vision and involves your baby training his eyes to look off into the distance and then back at his hands while crawling or reaching for that rattle. We use binocular vision to calculate distances and make sense of what we see. It is a skill that helps us catch a ball, drive a car and copy things from a blackboard.

Protect your loved ones from dangerous, sharp edges and corners in your house.(#ad)

Roving Cove 16.2 ft [15ft Edge + 4 Corners] Safe Edge and Corner Cushion

Protect your loved ones from dangerous, sharp edges and corners. Our high-density, L-shaped cushions are durable, yet soft to the touch, and are able to absorb impact to help prevent injury.

Roving Cove 20.4 ft [18ft Edge + 8 Corners] Safe Edge and Corner Cushion

Uses the safest and purest raw material available and was the first brand to make foam safety bumpers without the use of toxic flame-retardant chemicals.

4. Coordination

Left and right brain coordination is boosted by crawling, as the brain is required to process hearing, sight and movement all at the same time. So the more your baby practises crawling, the more synchronised and developed each of these essential skills will become. All must work together for baby to achieve mobility - left arm and right knee ... one forward movement; right arm and left knee ... another forward movement. But even as your baby is gliding along the floor, they are also using their developing eyesight and hearing to identify their desired destination.

5. Self-confidence

A crawling baby is building self-confidence and making some of their first decisions. They take regular physical risks and with each success - and failure - discover both their potential and their limitations. It can be wonderful to watch your baby discover the world around them at this exciting stage of their development. As they become more experienced at crawling they will become apt at knowing when to slow down to avoid hurt, navigate a step or investigate obstacles in their path.

6. Physical strength

As baby starts to get more and more physical, discovering an exciting new independence on all fours, they are also gaining significant physical strength, which will prepare them for walking in a few month's time. When a baby starts to pull themselves up on furniture and stand up, the normal curve in their spine begins to develop and their lower back and leg muscles begin to strengthen. The more crawling the baby does, the more practised and prepared they will be to walk on their own two feet.

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The outer layer is made of cotton, the fill-in layer is a high density and elastic sponge free from smell. The sponge offers shock-absorbing and can reduce the impact force when hit!(#ad)