NECA Guardians of The Galaxy Body Knocker Dancing Groot Action Figure Toys

Body-bobbling figures without batteries but just using the power of the sun.

It’s fun watch these figures rocking back and forth when they get exposed to the sun (or to the music, read below). There are great collections and according to their official page many more characters will come.

In this issue will concentrate on one of the Guardians of The Galaxy Body Knocker Dancing Groot Figure by Neca, which is a Solar Powered Body Knocker. But of course you can Collect the entire line of Body Knockers which I’m listing in this particular issue, check for more guardians of the galaxy.

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There is also other makers of this Guardians of The Galaxy character such as Funko POP Marvel Groot Vinyl Bobble-Head Figure.

Let the sunlight enters and watch how figures such as The invincible Iron Man, Captain America, The mighty Thor, the incredible Hulk bring the party to your boring desk. So let the sun in and give life to these body knocker dancing figures from Marvel.

But as I mentioned earlier the spotlight is for Groot, which is a Marvel character with the appearance of a tree. In Guardians of the Galaxy, Groot formed a rapport with Rocket Raccoon who took care of him as a small twig after his body was destroyed.

This dancing groot comes with built-in music, specifically the hit song "I want you back" from Jackson 5, a sensor will allow this tiny Groot to groove when there is sound in the room.

When you place this dancing figure by the speakers, it’s better because it senses the vibrations of the music. This electronic version operates by batteries and He dances and plays music too. It comes with a height of 6" approx. which makes him the tiniest Guardian of the Galaxy, it’s a Dancing baby Groot!

Well, actually there is another version which is powered by the sun and no batteries needed, so these are hours of watching fun dancing from side to side when exposed to sunlight.

Not only NECA has manufactured this Dancing Groot, but other licensed merchandise from blockbusters, TV shows, comics, video games, so you can find a huge selection of fun products and action figures.

So wait no more, find a sunny spot for this baby groot and he will delight your sight while he’s swaying to the rhythm! This tiny groot has become so popular after the end scene of the movie where the Jacksons song is playing and Drax make that look to baby groot, it was funny and almost every fan wants this little guy.

Yes this groot dancing figure dances with a little stiffness, the movie was smoother, but you have to understand the special effects of the movie, well are special for making things looks real, many people mention this tiny groot remember the dancing flowers that moved activated by sound hit. If you are a musician you can practice with this little guy dancing with your music.

Great for comic geeks.I even include a Groot Plush Doll.

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