Microwave Bowl With Vented Lid Plate Cover Divided Plates

When you don’t have too much time to cook you want going straight from the refrigerator to the microwave, you want to cook fast.

For situations like this you want a microwave bowl with vented lid; those lids provide good leak resistance for your food container or plate thus preventing splatters helping you to keep the microwave clean by simply keeping the food inside the bowl.

It’s best that you get a glass microwave cover with handle, it will be easier to lift your bowl in or out of the oven or micro.

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Of course you want to read the product description to see if the bow, container and divided plates are BPA- and melamine-free. But if you don’t want your food to even touch any plastic then opt for glass microwave bowls with lids, or look for the ceramic ones, read below for learning more about these Microwavable steam venting lid covers.

Besides a of using a vented lid it’s very handy, no pun intended, it’s to get a bowl with a good handle allowing you to out the bowl and eating straight out of the microwave without burning your fingers. One good bowl I found on Amazon was one that comes with 3 pieces, where a ceramic bowl is placed inside the other plastic bowl allowing food to stay warm for longer.

Unlike a standard bowl which is easy to spill (and it’s not safe because stay hot) these set of ceramic and plastic bowl offer a good solution because the nested ceramic bowl stays cool to the touch and also you avoid spills because of the lid.

Another good thing is that you can eat directly from the ceramic bowl without using more dishes, so more time saving for you using those microwave splash covers.

Speaking of saving time, these microwave containers are very practical because allow you to heat, eat and store food from one same plate, this is very convenient, which makes it the ideal (or faster) solution for lunch at the office or when you don’t have much time to prepare food or cook, so these are good food solutions for those with a busy lifestyle.

Try to get those microwave divided plates with vented lids, where you has at least three sections available, for best serving of portions.

They also come in different colors, Of course you have to make sure these plates are both dishwasher and microwave safe, offering you a best quality product with a long time warranty, like 2 or 5 years. I’ve found other microwave containers that come with a reversible lid, functioning both as a strainer a lid preventing boil-overs, so these are a good option as a food cover for microwave meal prep.

Making meals should not be a problem with these containers, because you can store them in the refrigerator and straight out from the refrigerator you can heat the foods inside the microwave, and after that they are easy to clean in the dishwasher (top rack).

In other words, they should behave well when both you heat them up or cool them down, so you can reheat meals you stored in the refrigerator using the very same bowl or container. Another good advantage for very busy people (with good time management skills) it’s to prepare one week of meals in advance stored in the fridge, and when it’s time to heat you put the Splatter Cover container right into the microwave.

Your food will be stored fresh because of the airtight sealed cover or snap-lock lids, with great insulation properties, and your food won’t have that plastic taste from other containers, so just use this kind of Vented Microwave Hood. And to avoid safety issues look for a BPA Free Microwave Plate Cover when you are going to buy microwave bowls with lids.

Other good solution for fast meal prep are divided plates, when you use these plates made of sturdy plastic with 3 sections which allows you to serve 3 courses of food, you can store leftover on the refrigerator for later consumption and they come in different colors too. The lid serve as splatter resistance and fits best with standard dinner plates.

The dish cover is high enough to not touch your food keeping it safe, and since the microwave cover comes with handle is to lift out of the microwave oven without any burns or problems. Look for the ones that come with vented top, when you open you are releasing steam and when you close it you will keep food warm for longer until you serve.

And of course one of the main functions of this cover is to keep the inside of your oven or microwave clean.

Another good option when looking the best vented covers is to get microwave divided plates with vented lids set or ceramic or glass microwave bowls with lids.