RC Cars Drift Racing Videos SBP Fun Fast Japan

Japan has this way of making such a small hobby a full-filling lifestyle. Enjoy this fun video of a RC Drift Cars in Japan. Reminds me of Fast And Furious Movie.

This video was filmed in Yokohama, Japan at the WARU Circuit.

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We found these guys last minute before we made our trip over to Japan. Our buddy Anpei (freestyle scooter guy) helped track these guys down for us. RC Drift Cars are for those who are looking for some speed. Here is shown a huge variety of Drift RC Cars.

Finding the perfect RC Drift Car is just click away when you know how to search online. Most RC Drift Cars are Ready To Run (RTR) out of the box.

If it’s a Car, Monster Truck, Volkswagen or Mini Cooper you can find the Drift Car for you. That's actually really impressive! I kinda want to build one myself

Most racers drive on the edge. Drift racers drive right passed it. Experience raw drifting power with the Vaterra 2015 K&N Ford Mustang GT 1:10 2.4GHz RTR Electric RC Drift Car.

This K&N Mustang GT comes ready to run with a potent Dynamite power system and special drift tires that let you power slide like a pro.

If the weather is ever less than perfect, have no fear. Waterproof electronics will keep the car moving in otherwise catastrophic conditions.

Not only does this car look great, but its raw power and speed make it a force to be reckoned with out on the track. Show off to your friends and order the Vaterra 2015 K&N Ford Mustang GT 1:10 2.4GHz RTR Electric RC Drift Car today!

What cameras do you use to film?

They use a Canon 5d mkiii. If you're looking for a new camera for your travels you should should also check out the Sony A7s ii. We've been eyeing that camera for a while.

It's pretty sweet.What's so special about a "drift" car, Better lock diffs, wider steering, and better control for it.

Born in the mountain roads of Japan, the exciting motorsport of drifting has finally made its way to the world of RC's.

Introducing the Exotic Sport Drift Racing King 1:24 Electric RTR RC Drift Car.

Featuring a full function transmitter, 4 wheel drive and special plastic drift tires, you'll be able to drift in any direction with ease.

Not even the darkness can stop you thanks to the working headlights, tail lights and under body lights. This awesome RC comes RTR.

Where can I get these drift cars online? Where I can buy one RC Car?

most of these cars are kits that take months to build however if you really want one nitrorcx has a great electric drift car section.

Now make sure you buy one that says 2.4ghz on it also keep in mind those are really slow although there brushless model is faster. Many brands to look up.

You would need to look at the chassis... some could be tamiya, 3racing, yokomo, ota, etc... for what I saw this cars are up to and more than $500 just for the chassis and some electronics... you still need the body,controller etc.

I'm sure your kid will love a Fast & Furious Scale RC Drift Car!

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