Star Wars Stormtrooper Blaster Rifle Replica Helmet Figurine Alarm Clock

If you have tried to search How many fans does Star Wars have? you will realize that the number of worldwide fans is on the tens of millions range if not more.

No wonder that anything is launched in the market that has to do with clones, sabers, stormtroopers, darth vader, anakin skywalker, Han Solo, Yoda, etc it’s devoured by star war fans in matter of days.

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This time we are going to talk a little about the star wars stormtrooper blaster rifle replica. Stormtrooper are iconic to most star wars movies, so people like to use clone troopers all the time.

I’ve not seen the last movie yet, but I’ve heard fans are not disappointed with that release. So it’s that time where a new trilogy starts, or that is what I have read somewhere.

If you want to enter in the fictional Star Wars universe why don’t adventure yourself with one of these Nerf First Order Stormtrooper Blaster and accomplish the empire mission fighting intergalactic battles with your special weapon: a super dart-firing blaster.

Just have to load your set of darts into the blaster rifle, then proceed to pull the trigger back, and powerful darts will start flying against your rebels enemies.

This Star Wars Stormtrooper Dart Blaster comes with a has removable sight, which you can insert onto the tactical rail for better precision, and comes with 3 foam darts, but you can purchase replacements, spare darts and dart refill sets.

These kind of blasters come with several variants according to the manufacturer in order to them look as a genuine Star Wars Stormtrooper blaster as seen on the movie.

Many people are not that interested on the newer trilogies, they only want the REAL Star Wars, you know the Original Trilogy, those three great movies where everything started. So for those people they want the closer rifles they could get to the originals.

And since the old Stormtrooper blaster it’s one of the most iconic sci-fi weapons of all movies, they have great demand all the time, but add the fact it’s christmas, and add the fact they just released the first movie of the next trilogy after disney purchased lucas Film.

If we speak of performance the super-accurate E11 Blaster, comes with a design very close to the origina paying attention to quality of even minor details, where the scope, grip and power unit are the closest from the original seen in the movies.

Made from light and composite materials the blaster is comfortable to for children and adults alike, so you could be trooping outside without any kind of problem.

Complete your set with a lightsaber, a LEGO Star Wars Imperial Troop Transport, one star wars clone trooper electronic helmet, even a figurine alarm clock and you will be armored and ready for star wars. The force… 

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enjoy your day.