Schoenhut 44 Key String Baby Grand Piano

During Schoenhut’s 135th anniversary, This wonderful piano company launched the new line of 44-key Baby Grand and Upright Pianos, featuring True Piano Sound… And with the beauty of not using any electronics, but strings. It comes with a size perfect for those small children who are learning to play piano.

So your small child will be able to reach the pedals in order to take advantage of the full sounds of the piano. So as you can imagine your children will play with more comfort because it’s a piano of his/her size, Don’t you think his/her interpretation will be smoother and fresh? With the appropriate width of the keys your kids will have proper form and positioning of their fingers, so when it’s time to transition to a larger piano won’t be any problems.

This recent launch is not intended to replace Schoenhut’s vintage models but it’s just a response to request from customers asking for a “new” sound. As you know from Schoenhut high quality pianos this 44 keys model is elegant, durable and well-made with a glossy finish.

Also they come, as far I know, with the tri-play learning system, that is a fun play-by- color assortment of songs, which consists of a colored strip that is placed behind the keys in order to guide the young pianists using well-know songs while developing piano playing skills. Currently the schoenhut 49 key pro baby grand piano is unavailable on Amazon last time I checked.

you can find the schoenhut 30-key fancy baby grand with bench in different colors, like black, white,pink and red.(#ad)

Schoenhut 30-Key Fancy Baby Grand with Bench

30-Key Baby Grand is excellent for children who have been introduced to pianos and beginning their journey to performance pieces.

Schoenhut 30 Key Fancy Baby Grand with Bench,Red

Unique chime-like tones are created by small hammers striking metal rods, producing a charming sound.

Bringing home the baby…Grand or vertical!First let's make sure it's yours. Infants have wristbands; pianos have serial numbers. When making a retail purchase, do not leave the showroom until you have copied the numbers of your particular ‘baby’. In the case where a piano is ‘drop shipped’, be sure arrangements are made for showroom setup. Make arrangements now to insure your warranty tuning is performed by a Registered Qualified member of the Piano Technicians Guild.

So, in it comes. Did we pick a spot for it, and what determines where it goes? In the case of a vertical, you'll need a free wall, most preferably one without a heater or air conditioning vent, either feed or return. Remember, pianos are ever moving musical instruments. Care needs to be taken. If it's a grand, some situations will effect the sound. The closer to a hard wall, the more sound will be reflected immediately. Also, the more feedback the pianist will get.

What About Get A New Piano For Your Baby Begin To Learn Play With?

Remember also, the technician will need to fit his or her body on the upper or treble side of the piano for tuning. So…depending on the shape of the tuner, leave a little space, otherwise the piano will get moved each time it is serviced. You'll also want to lift the lid for those evening parties, and you'll need a little room for that. Then there's the cleaning and polishing. In short—don't jam it up against a wall if you're placing the piano with the treble side in.

Note: The same piano model, from the same manufacturer, built side-by-side, will sound differently because of the nature of the instrument. Different acoustical room properties enhance those differences. Your piano will never sound exactly like another.

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Teaching Little Fingers to Play: A Book for the Earliest Beginner

The melodies are written with careful thought and are kept as simple as possible, yet they are refreshingly delightful.

Will the piano sit on carpet or on bare wood? In either case you will want to protect them with either a set of castor cups or special castors having the proper material, hard or soft, for your needs. Either of these can be supplied and installed by your technician and he or she will advise which type is proper for you. You may also want to consider the use of a lyre pad that fits under the pedals, much like a car mat, protecting the floor or carpeting. These items can be viewed on the merchandise page at this site.

Pianos don't do well under water. Open windows in the direct vicinity of the instrument will let in the rain. How do I know…Murphy told me. Sunlight is pretty, but does nothing positive for the piano or the finish.

So, now that we've picked the perfect spot, what next? Everyone get in line and noodle around on the piano? Well, almost. Make sure it all works. Run up and down the keyboard, press the pedals, try to make it do what it's supposed to do. Check for dings and scratches that weren't there when you bought it. Keep a notebook and mark it down. Don't forget, you have a warranty...don't you?! to check before the deal is consumated!

Now what you have decided to give to your little one a beautiful musical instrument, don't forget your older child, maybe he wants an action toy, something to play with his little friends. Maybe a replica of star wars stormtrooper is a gift he would like. Or Maybe a more educational toy that he would use to learn while playing.

If you have a little girl, you can also compliment this beautiful piano with a gift that will surprise her. As you know she would like to pretend she is mommy while enjoying to prepare food, to change diapers for her adorable cute baby alive doll (these dolls are Hispanic, African American, Caucasian).

And of course movement is important for your kids (and for adults too!) what better that a high quality trampoline for backyard, as you know rebounding brings huge health benefits for all family, so that could be the perfect gift for your family, it doesn't matter the excuse for this gift.

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Its hinged top, when open, enhances the piano's lovely chime-like tones.(#ad)