You Cannot Ride This Bike – Backwards Brain Bike

The insane backwards brain bike. You thought that you knew ride a bicycle, that’s true to certain extent. This challenge will prove that you are knowledge is not understanding.

YOU CANNOT RIDE THIS BIKE. Seriously, you're purchasing an unrideable bicycle (at least initially). Part of the fun is figuring out how long it will take you to learn how to ride it. When I only did it for 5 minutes a day it took 8 months.

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I've seen people do nothing but the bike be able to ride it in an hour or so.

There seems to be some sort of correlation with sticking with it and "powering through" the hard part. If you decide to give it a shot, If you DO decide to attempt it at your own risk, wear a helmet.

This video is made by Destin Sandlin, who is an American engineer best known for his educational video series, Smarter Every Day which he started in 2007 as an informal series of educational Youtube videos — and which he formally named Smarter Every Day in early 2011, with an episode titled Detonation vs Deflagration.

Discover The Backwards Brain Bicycle: What Riding a Bike Says About the Neuroplasticity of the Brain.

The video shows Destin riding a bike as a child. Flash forward to the present day, when a welder friend threw a major wrench in Sandlin’s cycling game by tweaking a bike’s handlebar/front wheel correspondence.

Turn the handlebars of the “backwards bike” to the left, and the wheel goes to the right. Steer right, and the front wheel points left.

Did the arduousness of mastering the backwards bike ruin Sandlin for normally configured bicycles?

Watch the video above all the way to the end for an incredible spontaneous moment of mind over matter.

These bikes are made by Barney, the welder, the same guy that made the bike that changed the way I look at the world.

Sometimes we gain more from letting go. Whether it’s old habits, stale mindsets, regrets of the past, or simply the way we view our lives; in order to grow we have to shed the things that are holding us back.

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