Incredible Cigar Box Juggling WC Fields Youtube

How To Do Cigar Box Juggling Tricks, this great video shows This guide shows you How To Do Cigar Box Juggling Tricks

A few new juggling tricks with the boxes. Cigar boxes are rectangular props used in juggling.

Cigar box manipulation began as a vaudeville act in the United States between the 1880s and 1920s, and was popularized by W. C. Fields.

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It looks these boxes are magnetic but there are no magnets involved, just skill.

He is part of a juggling group and he does various performances for events and on the streets.

Was this how he quit smoking? is one of the funny comments on this youtube video.

Cigar boxes are juggled by holding a box in each hand and tossing and flipping a third box in between them.

Routines performed with cigar boxes may also include quick mid air box-exchanging tricks, balancing tricks, and more.

Most tricks are done with three boxes; more advanced routines may include more than three.

Wood boxes covered with glittery mylar decorations with black tape and black velveteen ends.

Again, no magnets were used in the filming of this video.

Originally, performers would take actual boxes that cigars were stored in and nail them shut to create their juggling props.

Today, cigar boxes for juggling are typically purpose-built, hollow wooden or plastic blocks with suede or foam rubber padding attached to the sides.

It definitely makes you begin with boxes.

If you want to start juggling cigar boxes the you can starts with boxes hand crafted from wood.

They will take the knocks and drops that plastic ones won't. And they offer excellent grip.

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