Darth Vader Self Stirring Coffee Mug Travel Star Wars Yoda Stainless Steel

There is no doubt that there are different kinds of mugs selling in the market, some are for home use and some are for travel use. To be frank, if you want one mug which can be used at home, it is easy for you to choose as anyone is OK to be used at home, but if you want to choose one which can be used when you are on the move, you do need to pay more attention.

In the market you can find stainless steel mugs. They are more expensive than the plastic mugs, but if you think about in the long run, you may find that the money you spend on the stainless steel mug is really worth it. The plastic mug can be broken easily and you may not use it for a long time, after it is broken, you have to spend a sum of money to buy a new one again. Also with the stainless steel mug you can take any beverage you like to any place.

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You know that not all mugs are can be used when you are moving, the beverage inside can spill out. And the material has a direct effect on the taste of the beverage inside. The stainless steel mug can keep the green mountain coffee at the breakfast, tea or other beverages inside hot for a long time so that you can have a drink of hot coffee or tea at any time you want.

This is an officially licensed star wars feel the force self stir coffee mug, it’s truly the perfect gift for raving fans of darth vader. 

Just imagine they are drinking hot coffee to the sound of the darth vader imperial march.

These mugs come with good capacity for both cold or hot beverages, so they will be very practical for their users.

They come in very different designs for star wars fans but the most popular is the one for Darth Vader.

They are very easy to operate since they are designed with a comfortable grip and the push button for activating the self stirring and spinning is easy to turn on. It’s battery operated.

The batteries will have a good duration since the mechanism is not that a huge machinery.

There is one featuring yoda, more exactly a Silver and Black Yoda

Also there are with Stainless Steel Construction that also come with Double Wall Polypropylene Liner.

It’s perfect for a gift, because is one of these funny gifts which makes that people remember you.

It’s a great mug for those busy people who need to save time on everything, you just have to sell them the idea they don’t have to stir the coffee and they are sold with this amazing novelty mug.

Of course, this mug is also useful for all kinds of beverages such as tea, chocolate, soda, any drink that suits you fancy.

Keep in mind some simple precautions to avoid damage of this fantastic product, it’s not dishwasher safe, what it means is that you have to hand-wash only.

The reason why is this gadget require batteries so it’s not safe to put this in the microwave or washing it with dishwasher.

It needs to be hand washed, since Darth Vader is the main character featured in darth vader self stirring coffee mug you will the phrase 'The Force is Strong with This One' and certainly is, you just have to press the button on the handle and your favourite drink will start to stir, you just have to drink and enjoy.

To say that a star wars fan will enjoy this is an understatement!

So if your husband is truly a Star Wars fan, no doubt this self-stirring mug will stir up emotions (joy and excitement) on him, they will love it! It’s a cool gadget.

Overall it's a fun toy/mug. Maybe you are wondering about this self stirring mug: how it works?

The way it works is through the little spinner at the bottom and the way operates is by pushing a small button on the handle of the mug, and your coffee will start self stirring,

so if you are lazy or simply want to show off your darth vader spinner then use it to mix your cream into your dose of coffee, chocolate or tea.

And say goodbye to any spoon! Also you won’t have to wash a dirty spoon anymore, so more time savings for you!

The exterior of the mug is made of plastic, not porcelain but I think you won’t have issues with that, but if you are concerned with quality then look for the stainless steel version.

And if you want to keep your beverages hot for longer then you will glad to know it comes with a lid, so nice feature there.

Other novelty coffee mugs are those color changing mugs, which are simply heat sensitive mugs, they are also a great gift for those coffee lovers.

They are heat activated, so when you Pour in a hot beverage the show will start, the mug will change of color (or humor).

Jewelry rotating display stands is an exclusive gift for women, instead a coffee mug travel star wars is a gift that can easily be given to both a man and a woman.

This list contains several of those fun color/state changing mugs. The battery charger, the sleeping face, the smiley design, the Personalized Photo, the Milk Cup and others. Personalized coffee mugs are one of those simple desktop gift ideas that are well tried and trusted.

So if you want to impress your friends, or want to give the perfect novelty gadget as a gift then look for the best self stirring coffee mug,

browse through this list and choose the ones you like the most.