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Instead of searching on the floor or somewhere under my pillow to find your glasses when you wake up, they’re always right where you put them, desktop eyeglass holder stand, unscratched and unscathed, but most importantly, unsmudged.

Even if you have the normal polycarbonate lenses that most people get their glasses made from contain a resistant scratch-resistant coating. This extra tough coating gives an even stronger resistance to possible scratching. Just be aware that no lenses are scratch proof especially when kids are involved.

You’ll bought two more, one for your desk at home and another for your office. When you use it you will end up loving it!

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Are you like me, constantly misplacing my lenses and shouting: “where are my eyeglasses”?

The same usually happens with jewelry. Are you always trying to find both earrings of the pair that you plan to wear? If you are guilty of leaving your jewelry in a knotted mess or have many missing earrings, do not despair. For your jewelry exists a perfect stand jewelry organizers that it help you a lot to keep both earrings of a pair together so that neither will be lost, but stay together.

There are advantages for holding your eyeglasses on to, let’s say, a nose-shaped spectacle holder.

The majority of damage done to eyeglasses can be directly linked to how they are stored. Here are some tips for properly storing your glasses:

1. Never lay your glasses face down on their lenses.
2. Always store your eyeglasses out of the reach of children and pets, hide it.
3. Store your eyeglasses in a place safe from being trampled or stepped upon.
4. Always store your glasses in the eyeglass case provided by your optician.

First of all you won’t have to be looking your eyeglasses under every corner of your desk, they will always will be handy within reach when you most need them when working in your desk.

The second benefit has to do with preserving lenses crystal clear without scratches.

If you leave your glasses around they could fall from your desk and also they could be easily scratched by a pen or other sharp element.

Yes the alternative, it’s to keep your eyeglass fastened to an eyeglass chain around your office all day.

Just picture an old librarian,and pretty much you will have an idea what this looks like.

But you want something that you only want to use to read or work just for when you are sitting in front of your desk, you don’t want something around your neck all day long.

Now to be fair this style of wearing eyeglasses is more safe for them since at least they won’t be just there waiting to be damaged just because you step over them, broken them and leaving them useless.

So eyeglass neck holders are not a bad idea just you don’t want to be all day with a chain hanging around your neck all day.

Other good alternative it’s to use one of these readerest magnetic eyeglass holders, where you hold Sunglasses, reading glasses, safety glasses.

So stop misplacing your eyeglasses and start using one of these magnetic holders to avoid losing time find them all over your place.

With one of these practical holders your eyeglasses will stay safe, and most important they will be easy to find resting over a nice holder.

You will be able to keep glasses ready on your desk, kitchen counter, the night stand. No more lost or bent eyeglasses.

If you won’t be tired of misplacing your eyeglasses after every night, then use one of these holders to protect your expensive eyeglasses.

No more answering a phone call or having a delicious coffee and forgetting to leave your glasses in any place, at the mercy of scratches or more serious damage. You will have peace of mind and no more panic when you know they will be there for you when you most need them.

Try to look for those products that come with a soft liner, this way your lenses will be crystal clear.

Also these make a great gift people would like to use for kitchen, nightstand, office, desk.

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