Readerest Heavy Duty Magnetic Eyeglass Holder Clip Original Pins QVC Set of 3 Stainless Steel Shark Tank Lori Greiner

How many times a day you say: "Where are my glasses?" and start looking for them under the couch, all over your cluttered desk and start shouting asking if somebody in your house have seen your eyeglasses.

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This is a very common situation for many people with reading glasses, or refractive glasses, Well, today’s post it’s about one of the best solutions to this pesky problem: a set of Readerest magnetic glasses holders. I don’t know if you have seen this great invention on TV show Shark Tank, but let me tell you they are a very useful eyewear holder you can use for holding (read not losing) you reading glasses, sunglasses and other special eyeglasses you need.

You will protect your lenses from scratches because they will be always with you, so you won’t misplaces your pair of lenses where they are in risk of being broken or damaged.

This product comes with an unbeatable unlimited lifetime guarantee, and as the name of the product implies, readerest, your eyeglasses will rest on this magnetic holder while you rest your mind knowing you won’t lose time searching for them because you know they will be always handy within reach, keeping them accessible when you most need them.

Are you looking for the perfect gift for that special human being you love so much?

best gifts are those which offer some solution to that problem where they suffer, well this set of 3 magnetic holders it’s a very useful and practical present for those busy people where they need great eyesight to do their work, talk about teachers, doctors, nurses, moms, coaches, drivers, grandpa, grandma, anyone who is losing their glasses all the time AKA You!,etc.

Surprise them in christmas time, or valentine’s or father’s or mother’s day. They will be always thankful you gave them peace of mind (and will save them money too) when they are not losing anymore glasses.

You could also get a magnetic eyeglass holder made of stainless steel, they are very clean and what is important they are lightweight, since you will be wearing on your blouse or shirt while eye wear will be hanging from the eye loop.

Again these holders are a very convenient way to keep your eyewear handy for those moments you need to read something with glasses on.

By using one of these ReadeRest eyewear magnetic holders, you won’t have to use those Granny looking old-fashioned chains hanging, or ropes or even lanyards.

Not only this tiny gadget are useful for holding reading glasses, they are also useful for holding earbud wires and even badge holders

Readerest holders are one of the top products from ABC’s Shark Tank TV show (season 3), by using one of these you won’t have to say where are my glasses anymore because they are right there with you hanging from your shirt or blouse and will not damage clothing since it’s magnetic.

This patented magnetic eye-glass holder is a revolutionary product that will help you to have a much less stressful days because you won’t have another thing to worry about: where did I leave my glasses?

So if you are tired of losing your glasses or sunglasses, or simply you have found that hanging your readers in the V of your of your shirt is not a good idea after breaking some pair of glasses when they fall off your shirt, then you need to consider this magnetic eyeglass holder From Lori Greiner.

It’s not very visible (measures 1” width) since it’s like a small pin attached firmly to your shirt, where your readers will be resting securely and they won’t fall off.

When you get the set of 3 of magnetic holder pins you will get a black ReadeREST eyeglass holder, the silverstone with crystals and another silvertone holder. btw if you Tune in to QVC you will find more creations and inventions by Lori Greiner.

Enjoy your gift and never lose your eyeglasses anymore. Legal Disclaimer

This product uses magnets. Do not use this product with any pacemaker or any equipment that may be damaged by being in close range of magnetic force.