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There is an endless variety of outdoor fire pit types and styles, but when it’s time to choose the source of heat you only have to choose between only two main types, wood burning and gas.

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When I say source, I mean to the fuel that is burned.

Of course if you use an unit where you burn wood, then this the fuel. In other hand in a gas unit, you burn either propane or natural gas.

Welcome to this page where you could find the best portable propane fire pit for camping or other uses.

Consider this page a review page for the most well know fire pits or hardware for optimum use.

What's better, wood burning or gas fire pits?

Just go with what suits you fancy, anyway one kind of fuel has its own advantages.

Many people prefer the traditional experience of gathering and stacking wood in order to build a fire and perceiving that special and unique woodsy aroma.

But of course there are other people who prefer to take things simple by using a gas fire pit, you won’t have any left ashes to dispose of, so choose the fuel that offer those features which more important to you.

The use of wood is dependant to whether wood is easily available or not around your place.

Both propane and natural gas are important and viable alternative sources of fuel, and both are often used to fuel outdoor fire pits and patio heaters.

You should know that propane is a byproduct of a typical natural gas production, and since propane is heavier than air, then producers are able to condense it and store it in portable containers with a lot of benefits.

On the other hand, natural gas is a mixture of several gases, including propane, ethane, methane, butane and pentane. Natural gas is not easily condensed.

Therefore, utility companies pump natural gas into homes and other buildings using dedicated fuel lines.

Although both are effective fuel sources, and propane produces more BTU's, natural gas is cheaper, and burns cleaner than propane.

Note also that propane is heavier than air and tends to collect at ground or floor level. It is a good idea to sniff the area where your gas fire pit or patio heater is located before lighting the match.

On the other hand, natural gas is lighter than air and rises, thus offering less risk of explosion.

Therefore, if your home has a natural gas line, it would be a good option as a source of fuel for your outdoor fire pit and/or patio heater.

What should I burn in an outdoor fire pit or fireplace?

Many outdoor fire pit enthusiasts prefer Pinon wood, a dense, slow growing Southwestern pinewood.

It is well known for its fragrant pine smell and ability to repel insects, including mosquitoes. Using this wood with other hardwoods is an excellent alternative.

Other wood types that create an aromatic fire: hickory, apple wood, mesquite.

Pine cones also produce a pleasing fragrance.

One of the times you should consider natural gas and propane instead of wood as fuel is when you live in a place where wood burning is explicitly restricted, so if you have natural gas lines installed, then that’s enough reason to choose natural gas.

In recent years, European-based technology has produced the Eco Log, which also is recommended for burning in your outdoor fire pit or fireplace.

Eco Log is a highly compressed firewood log, which is 100% recycled natural hardwood. Only the compression of the sawdust holds the wood log together.

It produces an efficient burn due to its controlled moisture content, and is hotter and cleaner than cordwood.

On the other hand, never use pressure treated wood, which will emit toxic fumes.

The same holds true for any wood that has been treated with paint, stain, or other chemicals.

Avoid "green" or unseasoned woods, which tend to generate more smoke than flame.

Remember never to use gasoline, kerosene, lighter fluid, or other such petroleum-based accelerant to help start your fire!

One of the main benefits of these outdoor fire pits is they are the cool spot for family gathering on patios and other backyard areas.

Btw, not only for the home but restaurants, hotels and of course for your next camping trip. Your family and friends will have lots of fun while trying to stay warm.

These portable propane fire pit kits are the perfect solution for when you're looking for that feel of relaxation around a campfire with your loved ones, but remember they are not only for camping stations but also for the comfort of your own backyard or your beautiful apartment deck.

Have you considered a heininger portable propane outdoor fire pit, well we included several models of this brand here, just browse and read the main benefits on the vendor page.

You can get portable propane fire pit hardware for your home and you will be doing a good investment since these tools are versatile and well designed for easily making controllable fires for enjoy great moments around the fire.

They also add that luxurious and traditional element to your outdoor style to your home

When you purchase a heininger portable propane fire pit you are acquiring a very convenient outdoor heating solution where you are effectively eliminating the need for newspapers or matches when it comes to lighting the fire pit.

One of the main benefits is the ability to control the duration and the intensity of the flame, while at the same time emitting less smoke which is great because you won't be annoying your neighbors with the smoke.

Of course there are portable propane fire pits you can get from the marketplace, so it’s basically matter of personal preference and your current needs, whether you need one for camping, for commercial use, or simply for home.

And of course, if you can afford one right now then you simply are a search away, just enter this query on Google or other search engine: how to build a portable propane fire pit.