Starbucks Breakfast Blend K Cups Green Mountain

Starbucks Breakfast Blend K Cups - Crisp and Vibrant Flavor

If you love sipping your cup of coffee first thing in the morning then you are for a treat with this article.

Nowadays, it's easy to brew the perfect cup at home with your favorite brand. The marketplace for coffee lovers offers you a variety of blends to fit your mood, the season or simply fit you.

Every morning after you wake up and you do that semi-sleep walk toward your coffee machine you will enjoy that perfect cup of coffee. You know, a wonderful first cup of the day.

In order to be on the same page first let's answer the question: what it's a K-Cup? K-Cups are standardly portioned ground coffee and filter cups for use with the Keurig Brewing System. Many coffee roasters are now producing K-cups filled with their particular blend of coffee.

Want Hot Coffee?

Using high quality coffee with a home brewing machine will help you to get the best results. Most coffee shops use the same techniques to make coffee that are used at home, but the difference in flavor is in many cases infinitely better than the cups you prepare yourself. Why? They use better roasted coffee.

While specialty coffees can be far more expensive than some of the more common grocery store brands, it is possible to find online coffee deals that will close that price gap and start enjoying the coffee you love without leaving your home or office.

When you are looking to buy coffee and buy freshness, you want to be looking for one hundred percent Arabica coffee beans.

Enter Starbucks breakfast blend k cups. Medium-roasted coffees are smooth and balanced with rich, approachable notes of sweet orange and brown sugar, you can expect a citrusy tang that gives way to a clean finish.

Breakfast Blend from Starbucks is a medium-roasted lighter-bodied and milder coffee featuring bright citrus notes, crisp and vibrant flavor that dance across your tongue, awaken your taste buds and then wash away clean. 

It's a great choice for those who prefer a milder and a less intense coffee but filled with character. A shade lighter than most of the offerings of this brand, gives a flavor that appeals to a wider range of palates.

Starbucks K-Cup pods are designed for use with the Keurig Single Cup Brewing System. There is a listing in Amazon where I saw a pack of 32 individual K-Cup pods of Starbucks Breakfast Blend Coffee with a good price. Another listing says: Includes 6 boxes of 10 K-Cup pods of Starbucks Breakfast Blend Coffee.

It's easy to brew the perfect cup: Use 8-oz. setting on your coffee maker. Then press the Brew button. Add milk or sugar, or enjoy as is. Please note: Store unused pods at room temperature.

You can give a touch of inspiration to these Medium Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods from Starbucks by adding milk, cream, syrup or a variety of other customizations, this lets you put a personal twist on your favorite Starbucks brew, whether it's a moment at the start of a new day, or as a reward at the end of a long one.

Many people asked if the breakfast blend has changed because they see a new packaging. The answer is no, they have simply updated the packaging design for their whole bean and ground formats, but the coffee inside is the same roast you already know: that medium roast with a vibrant taste ideal for a spectacularly smooth start to any day.

Each Starbucks K-Cup pod coffee is crafted with expertly roasted 100% arabica ground coffee beans and no artificial ingredients ensure high-quality coffee every time with pods specially designed to work in Keurig brewers. Their K-Cup pods are recyclable

Another good choice is Green Mountain breakfast blend. Light roast caffeinated coffee made with 100 percent Arabica beans and is certified Orthodox Union Kosher. These single-serve K-Cup pods are compatible with all Keurig K-Cup Pod Single-Serve Coffee Makers and all K cup compatible machines.

Imagine this. You reach up into your cupboard and grab a K-Cup of Green Mountain coffee breakfast blend. You will enjoy a great coffee with clean, bright and balanced sweetness, nutty flavor, and a silky mouthfeel.

The Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Breakfast Blend is as eye-opening and delightful as the dawn itself. Each K-Cup pod is filled with the freshest ground coffee and brews a perfect, great tasting cup of coffee, every time. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is the best possible freshness you could ever get.

And now maybe you are wondering about the amount of caffeine you consume in your daily intake of green mountain coffee or how much caffeine is in green mountain coffee breakfast blend?

The caffeine content of K-Cups is a bit tricky to narrow down because of many factors. However, we estimate that an 8 fl oz cup of coffee using the standard 2 oz K-Cup would yield between 75-125 mg of caffeine, which is what Keurig reports as the range. Most K-cups consist of 2 tablespoons of ground coffee which equals 2 ounces of coffee.

There are 'half-caff' pods that have, well, half the caffeine of a regular pod.

Enjoy the delicious coffee you know and love, whether you wake up ready to take on the day or need a little morning motivation, that delicious breakfast blend is just the thing to get you going. It's truly an ode to sunrise.