Battery Powered Eraser for Artists Electric

Battery Powered Eraser for Sketching or Drawing Pencils

Erasers are used for more than just providing precise media removal. An eraser is actually an artist's tool, much like a burnisher or blender. Whether you erase to revise, refine, or restart, your task can be a lot simpler with the help of a battery operated eraser due to their strong erasing capability.

The working mechanism of an electric eraser is simple, the nib rotates while you just hold it with patience (they usually come with stylish pen-shaped support and a comfortable grip,) and erase in slow motion. The fine tip allows for effective and precise erasing.

Since they are battery powered, these handheld eraser tools move faster than the human hand. Using one will save your finger and wrist joints from fatigue and aches. It completely eliminates the need for back and forth motions in erasing.

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No damage to paper thanks to small vibrations, since no need for rubbing. The speed ensures that you can erase mistakes efficiently, and it's ideal for erasing details accurately. Since it's battery operated it is also portable.

Electric erasers are amazing at erasing small to medium spots. They can make a harsh black drawn line, almost white. They are great for highlights, and correcting mistakes. Circular movement and a strong motor allow you to erase targeted areas effectively and precisely.

Amongst their many uses, these erasers are used to thoroughly erase the darkest graphite with ease, but you can also use them for pencil and charcoal edge cleanup, for creating crisp, erased edges within tight areas and for pulling out small detail highlights in a graphite drawings.

These eraser pens are very effective for accurate and detailed erasing. Made with a practical pen-shaped support and an ideal grip, instead of a large rectangular shape, an automatic eraser has a circular shape which is more comfortable to hold. Simply, press the button to operate the eraser and to remove the marks.

Often, but not guaranteed, they can get rid of not only pencil marks but also colored pencils and other tough pigments.

If you have been just using the pencil erasers and never thought of using a battery operated one., you'll soon discover this eraser is something you should have bought years ago. If you draw with pencil or charcoal, you have to try this eraser! It is great at erasing any dry media, pencil, charcoal, and chalk pastel.

It is excellent for precision detail and hair. If you always struggle with erasing because sometimes you just need to erase a little bit, but moving the eraser back and forth to actually erase it takes off much more than you want it to, then this battery powered eraser would be really useful.

Ready to ditch your manual eraser? Some good electric models are mentioned below, with them you will be able to wipe away pencil marks quickly and neatly. Try it, you will like it.

First we can talk about the Derwent Battery Operated Eraser with 8 replacement erasers. It´s a battery-operated eraser for fast and precise erasing. Ideal for professional and amateur artists of all ages as well as students. It's suitable for graphite, coloured and pastel pencils, for small areas and detail work, can be used for highlighting (lifting off small amounts of pigment) as well as outright erasing.

This eraser comes with an accessible design for easy operation with a wide barrel and small side button. It has a pen style body which makes it easy to use, hold and control. Electric erasers are amazing at erasing small to medium spots. They can make a harsh black drawn line, almost white. They are great for highlights, and correcting mistakes. The fine tip allows for effective and precise erasing.

It's ambidextrous which makes it ideal for both right and left handed users. It requires 2x AAA batteries (not included).

Use this heavy-duty cordless eraser for removing and refining your pencil drawings. Simply push the button and hold it down while you erase, refine, and create effects with precision and ease.

The Derwent Battery-Operated Eraser has a top-mounted power button and a sleek, ergonomic case that is perfect for both right-handed and left-handed users. 

This Derwent rubber is designed to be like a pen. Because of its size and shape, the eraser pen is really effective for erasing accurately and in detail.

This compact, sturdy battery powered eraser from Derwent can be used to erase very small areas on artwork quickly and precisely. It can also be used to create patterns and shapes as well as being a useful drawing tool.

The control button is positioned so it is held like a pen, perfect for both left and right handed use

Do you need to be really precise and accurate when erasing? This Derwent Eraser Pen is available as a practical pen-shaped tool for a comfortable grip. The eraser is small and allows you to erase accurately and in detail. The pack includes 8 replacement erasers.

If you want to use the electric eraser for a long time, for obvious reasons you need eraser refills, they are easy to order. Usually these battery operated erasers come with a blister pack with a few replacement erasers when you purchase them. These long-lasting erasers are easy to replace so you can easily do it yourself.

Replacement erasers are also available for sale separately, for example, packs of 30 replacement erasers also available for use with the battery operated eraser.

Other good brands of electric erasers are: Artecho, Mont Marte, Sakura SumoGrip, Art-n-Fly.

These brands offer precision & speed in correcting is just what you need to correct quickly small areas of work. This is just what you've been looking for with traditional art. This smart battery powered eraser is a handy tool for all artists as it erases quickly and precisely. The control button is positioned so it is held like a pen, perfect for both left and right handed use.

Now, If you want to simply use a regular eraser then you can use a Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser 528 55, It's a good eraser for your drawing projects, as you already know they come with exceptional quality, and they are phthalate & latex free, specially designed for graphite on paper. They leave almost no residue because the minimum quantity of crumbs after erasing, also you will get refills.