Staedtler Mars Plastic Erasers White Pack Rasoplast Vs Pentel Hi Polymer

Staedtler Mars Plastic Erasers

What is Mars Plastic from Staedtler? It is a premium quality white vinyl eraser for first-class erasing performance. These erasers are great for art. 

It gives you excellent erasing performance with minimal crumbling and no discoloration of the eraser on paper. Its sharp corners are perfect for cleaning up small areas with little wear. This eraser can do both broad & wide areas as well as fine narrow lines, depending on which edge is used. It's ideal for everyday erasing tasks, as well as removing graphite on paper and matte drafting film.

Staedtler offers erasers for the following areas of use: School, Office and Hobby and artistic applications.

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The Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser can be used on both paper and matte drafting film. It offers practically residue free erasing for precise and clean results. It comes wrapped in cellophane which ensures it is clean when you first use it.

Plastic eraser vs rubber. Nowadays, the majority of erasers available on the market are no longer made from natural rubber. The disadvantage of natural rubber is its lack of resistance to ageing. Since rubber hardens over time, it is unable to deliver good long-term erasing results.

Plastic is also one of the most effective materials for erasing mistakes and it's
Age-resistant. Staedtler erasers, which are made from plastic using the following materials: PVC, Chalk and Gelatine. These materials assure premium quality for great erasing performance. In the manufacture of their erasers, they use phthalate-free and latex-free PVC that poses no health risks. Made in Germany (radierer, gomma bianca).

The advantage of their plastic erasers is that they rub off more coarsely than rubber products, so they hardly stick to the paper. This guarantees easy removal of any eraser crumbs, also leave 
minimal crumbling.

Staedtler White Block premium quality eraser gives you smooth, versatile clean up on art or architect projects, minimal crumbling, high polymer, never tearing your paper.

When erasers simply don't do their job (erasing without leaving traces of their work), it's a bad thing for your time and for your project.

Erasers individually packaged with protective cellophane wrapper (with practical tear-and-open strip) and sliding sleeve for convenient handling, all of this to ensure the eraser stays clean and fresh until you are ready to put it to work. Also a good idea is to get a Staedtler mars plastic eraser holder.

For longer duration, get a pack of 4 staedtler mars plastic erasers. The fact you get a single pack of 4 erasers is even better, you'll always have one handy, just make sure you put each of them in your desk, in your art box, or backpack.

It's the perfect all-around task eraser whether for kids, students as well as artists, engineers or architects. They are incredibly long lasting, this premium eraser lives up to its reputation of erasing cleanly without leaving scuff marks or large amounts of eraser residue on your paper. These will be one of the best erasers you've ever had.

No more those horrible abrasive pink erasers that don't work and leave that ugly pink stain all over your drawing and don't actually erase anything. Staedtler mars plastic erasers are the perfect choice for all pencil users, it removes graphite marks cleanly and completely from paper, vellum, drafting film and more without putting so much as a crinkle in the paper. They don't catch the paper which could cause paper to fold or bend.

Some people have removed pencil drawings off the wall without taking off the paint. These are seriously amazing erasers! It doesn't matter if you get their line of stick eraser, btw you can easily order refills for these too.

Rasoplast Vs Mars Plastic. Maybe you are wondering which eraser is better: Staedtler Mars Plastic Vs Pentel Hi-Polymer erasers or Rasoplast? or maybe a pink pearl eraser review, or a more comprehensive Staedtler mars plastic eraser review. Well I leave this question here as an idea for a next article.

For now, if you want to experience the best erasing performance with little wear, you should know that Staedtler mars plastic soft gum eraser is made for use at school, home or office. Since it was made with premium manufacturing, you will get top quality, safety and reliability. They are latex free and have no phthalates for safe, universal use. Ordering a stash  for your kids, they will love them when drawing, notes, doing homework.