Washable Liquid Watercolor Paint Sets Ideas Preschool Projects

Washable Liquid Watercolor Paint - Fun Guaranteed

Let your kids have fun with a set of washable liquid watercolors. Liquid watercolors are one of the favorite art materials for many artists and kids. The colors are very rich and vibrant, and you can cover large areas with just a few strokes.

You can use them for art, the sensory table, science activities, sensory bottles, and as perfect substitute for food coloring and dyes. Add bright color to your art projects with these amazing liquid watercolors.

Painting with liquid watercolor is incredibly awesome, and they have the effect of food coloring without the five-day hand staining (or permanent staining on clothes).

Check These Liquid Watercolor Sets Out...

They come with high quality for your professional or hobby projects. Many sizes available in 1oz., 4oz. & 8oz. you will barely put a dent in your liquid watercolors while doing painting.

Similar to ink, liquid watercolor is a concentrated dye (or pigment-based solution) paint that usually comes in 8oz bottles. They come ready to use right out of the bottle for super-intense and full strength color, or you can dilute them with up to 4 parts water to create lots of new shades. The stronger you want the color, the less water you use. The lighter and the less vibrant you want the color, the more water you use. You can mix with as little or as much water as you desire. 

Liquid watercolor is easily washable from skin and most fabrics and surfaces! You don't have to worry about your kid's clothes since these watercolors wash from most fabrics just using a soft soap, baby wipes or spray cleaner. and enough water. A good idea would be wearing smocks or aprons to avoid staining clothes.

Look for those watercolor bottles that feature extra-small opening for mess-free dispensing and greater portion control.

It is child and preschool-friendly, kids will add color to their sensory plays and projects helping them on their artistic journey. They can create, innovate and inspire. Options with it are limitless, even more when you can find several available options such as fluorescent, metallic, or glitter liquid colors and lots of color choices for achieving different effects.

Bright, bold and washable, high-quality liquid watercolors are perfect for young artists.They provide brilliant, transparent color that can be diluted with water to achieve varying hues.

Many liquid watercolor preschool projects can be made using a wide range of tools to develop fine-motor skills for kids; This material is a popular choice for use in classrooms: to dye a variety of materials, mixing beautifully into secondary colors, mists from spray bottles, paint over crayon drawings, sensory play and many other easy liquid watercolor techniques.

There are many ways to answer how we use liquid watercolors: Can be used as color on wood, fabrics, eggs, clay, glue, glass stain, shaving cream, they are dazzling on art paper, canvas, wooden blocks, and many more stuff! Nothing matches their color and versatility. When you want to use them, you simply squirt a little of each color you want to use into a ice tray or into some plastic cups (well, your choice depends on the project).

They work great for any craft project. You can use liquid watercolors to make rainbow colored rice, to splatter, bleed, paint on wood. And this is a safe product because it is non-Toxic.

Due to their color strength and fluidity, liquid vibrant watercolors offer a great way for all levels of artists to make unique and stunning creations. The colors will come out fantastic. and the results are phenomenal whether used for creating paintings or washes.

Simply put, these watercolors are a more versatile material than the solid watercolors counterpart, such as tube and pan watercolors: First of all liquid ones won’t dry out and unlike solid watercolors, liquid watercolors are much easier and less messy. Also they are also cheaper!

Liquid watercolors are a great medium to mix and make your own colors. You wouldn’t be able to do this with regular, palette watercolors. If you are used to the regular colored disc watercolors, you know they get mucky quickly. Again, here you also have a really cool bleeding effect going on.

Well, other people could argue that a kit of washable liquid watercolor is not as convenient as a regular palette of watercolors because the latter don’t require as much set-up or clean-up, but they can't deny that the liquid version is just so beautiful and easier to paint with.

Since a bottle of washable liquid watercolor paint is longer-lasting and more colorful than traditional watercolors, then they are the economical choice while providing supply for so many uses.

You can paint using many different types of painting brushes. Liquid watercolors allow you to use everything from brushes, eye droppers, toothbrushes, Q-tips or spray bottles to create your masterpiece! simply apply the color the way you want.

If you need a little inspiration, an example of so many watercolor painting ideas or for how to use liquid watercolors: kids can use toothbrushes to paint eggs while using egg cartons to hold paint. Also you can use Q-tips as a practical alternative and a new sensory experience (also kids will love painting with them) to paint brushes because they are short and won’t fall out. You can put one in each color, which eliminates the need for water to clean brushes.

Another amazing idea is to put a few drops of liquid watercolor into a spray bottle and fill it with water. Kindergarteners LOVE use the spray bottles to spray canvas panels. The vibrant colors and weird blends are beautiful.

Keep in mind that a majority of liquid watercolors are dye-based solutions that are not light safe, so make sure to use an archival watercolor if you don’t want your image to fade over time.

Here are some brands the marketplace offers Blick Liquid Watercolors. They are highly rated on several online stores, they last a very long time and are among the most affordable options available. You can also order a set of Blick watercolors via Amazon. These paints come in 30 colors including fluorescent and metallic shades, they also offer a nice antique gold, silver, pearl and neon pink.

The idea is to find that brand that produces those bright vibrant colors you want for your next art project.

Another great brand is Sargent Art Washable Watercolor Magic Liquid they make a respectable student-grade option. The paints in this Sargent Art set come in six colors: blue, yellow, red, green, orange, and purple. The same line also has bundles with glitter, metallic, and fluorescent finishes that are a fun spin on traditional hues. Even when diluted with water, the colors are vivid and luminous.

Sax Liquid Washable Watercolors is another AP certified non-toxic brand. Their colors are intermixable and wash out of most fabrics. Use for a variety of painting activities. Creates high quality artwork with a simple brush stroke. They are Ideal for artists of every age, even beginners.

You can use washable watercolor liquid straight from the bottle for ultimate brilliance, or dilute with water for a traditional watercolor look. They are more washable and economical than food coloring for arts & crafts projects. They are gorgeous watercolors.

They are a great substitute for pan watercolor paints as they produce such a rich, vibrant color. Parents can rest easy knowing that the watercolor bottles will last for quite some time and that the paints wash out of most fabrics easily.

Now when your kid (or any adult) wants to paint with watercolors you will have a great alternative handy for any artistic and creative project! Also you don't have to buy them, if you want to DIY Liquid Watercolor there are many tutorials online.