Sargent Art Watercolor Magic MSDS

Sargent Art Watercolor Magic - Vibrant Intense Colors

Sargent Art's Watercolor MagicĀ® Liquid Watercolors are watercolors that are great for many art and paper craft paintings and projects such as watercolor painting offering a beautifully clean color mixing, and even rubber stamping!

Colors work well, they are clear and vibrant. Their liquid watercolors have intense pigment. Some people use them directly and don't water them down, but you could dilute them with up to 4 parts water for regular watercolor consistency or the desired color intensity.

Sargent Art's Magic Liquid Watercolors are a range of bold, brilliant, dazzling, AP certified (conforms to ASTM D 4236), safe and non-toxic, liquid watercolor paints.

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Sargent Art Washable Watercolor Magic is unique to the market because they have already added the water for you. This is a very economical product for the classroom. One bottle of liquid watercolor can last up to 100 times longer than a watercolor cake, just a few drops in a container and some water and voila!

These watercolors make it a very economical choice for the classroom and to make it go even further can be diluted with water to extend use. If you use these in an art class you teach then you will discover these watercolors are amazing. Your students will love them and expect many parents will ask what brand of watercolors you use in your art classes.

Standard Set of 6, 8 oz bottles - This set contains six 8 oz bottles of Yellow, Orange, Red, Violet, Blue, and Green.

Standard Set of 10, 8 oz bottles - This set contains 8 oz bottles of Yellow, Orange, Red, Magenta, Violet, Blue, Turquoise, Green, Brown, and Black.

Fluorescent Set of 6, 8 oz bottles - Sure to add eye-catching color to any project, this set contains one 8 oz bottle each of Blue, Chartreuse, Green, Pink, Red, and Yellow-Orange.

The 1oz, 4oz and 8oz squeeze bottles come with a convenient flip-top cap for easy dispensing. The Traditional, Fluorescent, Glitter and Sargent Art Metallic liquid watercolors have intense pigment.

No more those standard watercolor palettes they generally use in school, It's very difficult to paint with that.

They last a long time and come with intense pigment, so you and your kids can use these watercolors in your home and school art projects without any worries for fun coming to an end.

Like magic, these Magic Washable Liquid Watercolors washes from most fabrics and surfaces with simple soap and water. It may stain some porous surfaces that cannot be laundered

Many customers reported a little issue that some bottles leaked during shipping and made a mess. For that reason, If you don't want a big mess simply pour them near the sink, while wearing junky clothes and an apron and plenty of paper towels. But keep in mind they are easy to use and wash off most surfaces and even kids!

With beautiful pigments and colorful Hues, these Magical Watercolors are perfect to use! The original 18 Watercolor Magic colors work perfectly at home and school. Try them with other Watercolor Magic finishes for exciting combinations!

This is the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for Sargent Art watercolor magic liquid watercolors:

This data sheet is to say that these products are certified by an expert to contain no known toxic materials in enough quantities to be harmful to the human being even when ingested.

They can be used with a paint or airbrush, and added to glues, water-based paint and glazes for dazzling effects. They can also be used to dye papers, rubber stamping, sand, wood, they stands nicely on watercolor paper and more. Available in 8 oz. bottles. These liquid watercolors add bold pigments to almost any watercolor painting or paper-crafting project.

You'll love these paints, the colors are very vibrant. You will be so satisfied with their quality that you'll buy this product again!

Remember, these watercolors come with convenient flip-top cap. They come in Traditional, Fluorescent, Metallic watercolors and Sargent Art Glitter liquid watercolor. They can be diluted with water to extend use. Washes out of most fabrics with soap and water. Non-toxic and AP Certified. Made in the USA. Find the Watercolor Magic Set you need for your kids, perfect for school, homeschooling, sunday class or hobbies.