Sargent Art Liquid Metal Acrylic Paint

Sargent Art line of Liquid Metal Acrylics

Add life to any creative project. This acrylic paint would be an excellent choice for any applications where you want that soft metallic finish.

Rich, smooth and versatile Sargent Art Liquid Metal Acrylic Paint can be used to lay in color, achieve seamless washes, or showcase dynamic brushstrokes with superior coverage and durability.

Sargent Art line of Liquid Metal Acrylics offer artist quality lustrous metallic colors that leave such a gorgeous metallic finish, Their brilliant metallic colors are the industry's best metallic and brightest, at the best price!

Try Out Sargent Art Liquid Metal In Your Next Art Project...

Sargent Art Liquid Metal acrylic paint is vividly colored, water-resistant after drying, and can be used on almost any surface. It also provides good coverage and a permanent finish.

Try using Sargent Art Liquid Metal Acrylics with a variety of mediums for mixing, altering and finishing, to achieve numerous different effects. Use them on canvas, wood, leather and other materials.

Sargent Art liquid metal paint is excellent in quality, just a little quantity goes a long way. High quality matched with professional finish. This product offers a great value for art students, kids and teachers. Odorless, dries to a permanent finish and creates sensational sparkle.

It's great for art projects and hobby crafts of all kinds as well as art departments & sign painters. Ideal for hobbies, crafts, and classrooms. You will use this acrylic paint again and again. Tips for painting frames: First use a primer, then do 2 or 3 coats for each frame and you will have excellent results, if possible use Antique Gold.

Color availability: Antique Gold (this antiqued gold will do an amazing job with frames), Aztec Gold, Blue, Bronze, Copper, Gold, Green, Red, Silver, Violet. Please note regarding color charts when buying online: Color charts represent approximations of the real color. Due to the many variations in monitors and browsers, colors may appear slightly different on different computer screens.

For best value you can purchase a 6ct. 4 oz. Liquid Metal Metallic Color Acrylic Assortment. This Assortment includes 6 rich & lustrous metallic colors: Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, Metallic Green, Metallic Red, Metallic Blue, and Metallic Violet.

Or you can decide for a 6ct. 8 oz. Liquid Metal Acrylic Paint Assortment. Or buy a 64 oz. Half Gallon (apparently they only come in Gold and Silver). The industry’s best acrylic metallic paints, in large half gallons!

Convenient clear wide mouth jars allow easy pouring and access. Pigments stay true - no fading or muddying. It's washable with soap and water (before drying).

With their artist quality pigments you'll be so impressed by this paint, that you will buy a lot more whenever your future art projects call for it. Perfect for any art or hobby project, for home or classroom use: Great for signs, murals, sculptures, stage designs, etc.

These metallic acrylics are rich and lustrous and are available in 4oz and 8oz jars, while gold and silver are available in larger half gallon (64 oz) sizes. AP certified; non-toxic and safe. Made in USA.