Pre Lit Christmas Tree Replacement Bulbs With Led Lights Artificial

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You just installed your old christmas pre-lit tree and noticed only half of christmas lights work, or that some of them are out and have become black, and now you are wondering how to make christmas lights work again or if you need the replace the bulbs?. 

You want all decorations ready for this coming holiday season and you don’t know how to fix this problem. This is a very common problem for pre lit artificial christmas trees, you know the ones you can get on walmart, bestbuy or even online stores.

I understand your frustration of seeing not all the lights are shining after you plug the tree, and this guide will help you with finding and installing replacement bulbs for a prelit christmas tree.

Now before I continue let me tell you that there are some artificial trees where if even one bulb is damaged then the remaining light bulbs will still working, some of these christmas trees contain what they call Worry-Free.

If you know how to search you will be able to find the most realistic artificial christmas tree for this coming festive season.

But maybe you don’t have the budget right now, or you are only a few days away from christmas day, and you need a quick fix, so you need your tree working again with all lights flashing and blinking. In this case you can get bulb replacement kits for these unfortunate cases.

Sometimes tree manufacturers include some spare replacement bulbs just in case, but if you lost them or they are not enough then you still have to order these.

These replacement christmas tree light bulbs offered in the marketplace will make your artificial indoor pre-lit Christmas tree work again in those cases when tree lights went out.

Of course you want a nice and beautifully decorated tree filled of personalized ornaments and multicolored lights.

The only thing that remains is to ensure that you get the suitable replacement bulbs for the style of lights on your christmas tree.

Most of these kits come with enough bulbs for your need and some fuses, so you won’t have problems seeing your lights blinking again.

In order to install the christmas tree lights replacement bulbs you first need to find the so-called non-removable bulb, the one with the white socket, which is the last one on the strand.

If you find this particular is burned then you know it’s causing your problem.

Now you need to extract the bulb being extremely careful of not damaging the socket, so you want to do it slowly taking your time, after this task is done you have to insert the new bulb and voilá your tree will be all functional again, and that’s how to make your christmas lights blink, when a bulb is burned.

Other thing you can check is to make none of the bulbs are loose, because this is one of the main causes of when christmas lights went out.

Another thing you can do when some sections not lite up is to check the fuses in the plug, if the fuse is black then you need to replace it.

If your tree come with led lights, then you need some led christmas tree replacement bulbs, or if you can afford it you can get a new pre lit christmas tree functioning with led lights.

One easy, and maybe lazy, solution is to add another set of new lights covering the section that’s now working, this way nobody will noticed some lights are malfunctioning, so this technique is called cover the bad lights with other ornaments or new lights.

Yes, it’s frustrating to find that just one bad light bulb can ruin a whole section, so your mission, if you decide to accept it, it’s to find that bad bulb.

As you may know by now, One bad light bulb can cause a whole section to not light up. To detect the bad bulb, you need the help of a good tool like the Lightkeeper Pro, which is a all-in-One Multi Function Light Tester; that will help you to fix mini lights sets.

And yes there are other tester in the market. But the question is what is cheaper find (and replace) the damaged light bulbs or purchase a new tree with let’s say led lights or more aging proof capabilities?
If your Pre-Lit Christmas tree is not working, and you know it’s a little old, then may be it's time to get a new one. Toss (or donate it) and consider another high quality artificial christmas tree with led lights, you know one that won’t cause more troubles to you.

You can get some real looking artificial christmas trees in places such amazon, walmart, target, etc. and if you don’t have enough space you can get a pre lit wall christmas tree, other call it a Half Christmas Tree.

Another good alternative is to purchase Synchronized Musical Twinkle Christmas Lights.Well, good luck finding and replacing those replacement bulbs for your pre lit christmas tree, and just for give you more specific direction one of the most popular brands you can look for spare lights bulbs are phillips, b&q, homebase, etc.

May you find answers to your questions related to how to fix christmas lights.