Traditional Guatemalan Christmas Decorations Ornaments

During this coming festive season, you can decorate your home, christmas tree and dinner table with lot of fine guatemalan traditional decorations both natural and man-made.

They are simply beautiful and will add a special touch to xmas this year. They are full of color and your home will be full of decorative lights around traditional ornaments from guatemala. This issue is dedicated to some of beautiful Guatemalan christmas traditions where you will capture wonderful ideas for your home decorations.

It's that time of year again, when boxes get dug out from under the mounds of a years accumulated stuff in the garage. We steel ourselves for the annual ritual of plugging in strings of lights and spending hours replacing bulbs, stringing garland, hanging wreaths, and putting up the tree. We balance ourselves precariously on ladders while swaddled in strings of lights, as what surely must be hordes of enthusiastic children run rings around us eager to "help".

By the time we are ready to put the star on the tree, and get the last piece of tinsel out of our hair, we are more than ready for it to all be over. Of course Christmas is a wonderful time of year.

While most people decorate their Christmas trees for the upcoming holidays, there is no reason why you should not actually continue the decoration with the entire room or other rooms as well. For example you can easily use braided carpets or area rugs in the traditional colors of Christmas, red, white and green. You can also add various wooden accent pieces throughout the home and several wall art hangings such as quilts and painted wooden craft pieces that are reminiscent of this imposing holiday or you can use a flat back christmas tree, one of those half Christmas artificial trees.

Just go online and have some Christmas centerpieces delivered to your home. While most folks settle for putting up the tree, hanging a wreath, and possibly stapling a few thousand lights to the roof, you can make a huge difference in how festive and colorful your home is with just a couple judicious centerpiece selections. A plain table in a bare room can instantly be transformed into something that conveys Christmas tidings with no work at all.

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A nice display of small figures made from a beautiful array of different materials for the very popular nativity scenes, also called pesebres, belén (Bethlehem) or nacimientos (nativities), they are removed from the most commercial santa themes and they are more inclined to the nativity scene where Lord Jesus, mary and Joseph are the central characters.

Also you will find lambs, cows, shepherds, sheeps, angels, ducks, river, lakes, clay houses and even camels because in these nacimientos you will link christmas and dìa de Reyes (6th of January) where gifts are given to children. Even Christmas gift homemade.

Christmas decorations give everyone the chance to let their 'inner artist' shine! Whether you buy your ornaments or prefer to use homemade Christmas decorations, you can create charming and colorful effects that will conjure up the holiday spirit and spread festive cheer amongst your friends and neighbors.

In some households, the Christmas tree decorations are an eclectic mix of treasured ornaments that have been in the family for years, match decorations that reflect aspects of your family life and character. Items the children have made at school and other pieces that have a special sentimental meaning. It's part of the charm of the occasion!

You have to see those beautiful hand made clay figurines to see christmas art. On 24th of December baby jesus rest on his manger.

Other fantastic way of decorating your home is to use seasonal flowers, especially those with those colors who add a festive hue your home.

Another guatemalan tradition is Burning the Devil on December 7th, which is a tradition that started in colonial times. In other latin american countries this day is call día de las velitas.

As the tradition goes, at the same time the devil burns, people broom their homes from the inside to the outside.

This tradition is coupled with a lot of firecrackers (or polvora), but to say the truth firecrackers abound around all christmas season and new year.

One of the most beautiful traditions in Guatemala is one where family bonds are strengthened even more, on christmas eve family reunions are the norm, parents, children, grandpas celebrate together to eat several traditional foods such as tamales (made of corn or potatoes) filled with peppers, chicken or pork, among other ingredients.

Children stays awake celebrate the birth of Jesus and to gather around the tree to open the presents their parents have for them.

You can search online for more facts about guatemalan christmas traditions.

So if this year you want to use Handmade traditional guatemalan christmas decorations for your home, you have made a good decision, because those ornaments are beautiful for your home, you can find quality Beaded Craftsmanship, christmas keychains tree Ornaments, and other Guatemala home decor.

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