Fisher-Price Spinnyos Giant Yo-ller Coaster Twirly-YOs Racing Chasing Super Slide

When your kids load up the Spinnyos spinners on the Launcher they will have a lot of fun watching how they start spinning up and and one moment they will spinning fast other times very slow, how dynamic they are! Just imagine when they are rolling upside down and backwards after that.

Your kids will choose the track where the YOs will travel just by flipping a Switcher, lots of fun watching the different ways YOs go. They don’t have to just have one YO, you could have fun watching how multiples will spin into fast and slow action. And not only that, YOs movement will trigger different music so the giant YO-ller coaster track will be all fun sounds and movements.

This wonderful toy comes with a couple of YOs and 3 barrels your kids will enjoy crashing through, and who doesn’t? Spinnyos YOs will defy gravity rules, with this cool toy your kids will watch a magic show of spinning and sliding while they go 'round & 'round without feeling tired.

This giant roller coaster comes with 4 tracks, tunnels, adjustable ramps, dips and loops with fast-paced action. It’s just matter of launching and switch to choose the most exciting track. Your kids will laugh while YOs spin down the amazing spiral street or descending by Loopy Loop.

Maybe they will send them spinning down the exciting super slide where they end up crashing through the poor barrels! All this why they listen to the wacky and silly sounds from the Yo-ller coaster. And don’t forget the amazing Spinnyos Racin' Chasin' Super Slide and those funny Spinnyos Twirly-YOs both manufactured by Fisher-Price.

Just how fisher-price will tell you: They're YO-tally awesome!. yes they are with 2 ½ feet of spin-tastic fun. Your kids are always in control deciding how high the YOs will jump and how fast they want they spin down the tracks. So they learn the useful lesson of cause and effect, they decide a course of action they watch results after they make adjustments speed up or slow down the funny YOs while they travel down the chosen path.

There are Spinnyos Giant and small size(#ad)

Fisher-Price Spinnyos Giant   Yo-ller Coaster

Load up the Spinnyos spinners (YOs) on the Launcher and send ‘em spinning up, down, fast, slow, upside down and backwards!

Fisher-Price Spinnyos U.F. YOs

Wacky outer space character on one side, cool visual effect on the other.

Four decades of research and hundreds of studies have proven what should be obvious to everyone: The more involved a dad is, the more successful his children will be. A father's influence can determine a child's social life, grades at school, and future achievements.

Involved dads = Successful children

The dad effect starts as early as birth. A review of studies by the Father Involvement Research Alliance shows that babies with more involved fathers are more likely to be emotionally secure, confident in new situations, and eager to explore their surroundings. As they grow, they are more sociable. Toddlers with involved fathers are better problem-solvers and have higher IQs by age 3. They are more ready to start school and can deal with the stress of being away from home all day better than children with less involved fathers .

At school, children of involved fathers do better academically. For example, a study by the U.S. Department of Education found that children of highly involved fathers were 43 percent more likely than other children to earn mostly As and 33 percent less likely to repeat a grade. They are also less likely to have behavior problems at school and to experience depression.

Enhance your child's creativity through playtime with These Playsets

According to the Father Involvement Research Alliance review, girls with involved fathers have higher self-esteem, and teenage girls who are close to their dads are less likely to become pregnant. Boys show less aggression, less impulsivity, and more self-direction. As young adults, children of involved fathers are more likely to achieve higher levels of education, find success in their careers, have higher levels of self-acceptance and experience psychological well-being. Adults who had involved fathers are more likely to be tolerant and understanding, have supportive social networks made up of close friends, and have long-term successful marriages.

A study by Brigham Young University researchers finds that involvement in everyday activities, such as eating dinner together, watching TV, playing in the yard, and playing video games are even more important to share with Dad than big outings or trips, although those contribute to children's development as well. Fathers and youths in the study experienced more satisfaction and cohesion in their family when fathers were involved in everyday core activities.

Another options to plenty of lights and sounds as kids race around are(#ad)

Fisher-Price Spinnyos Giant   Yo-ller Coaster

Stand n Play Rampway is a fun way to play with Little People Wheelies.

Fisher-Price Spinnyos U.F. YOs

Loops 'n Swoops Amusement Park is a fun way to play with Little People Wheelies.

"Although participation in balance family leisure activities is important and needed, it was fathers' involvement in the everyday, home-based, common family leisure activities that held more weight than the large, extravagant, out-of-the-ordinary types of activities when examining family functioning," the authors said.

But how does a father's influence differ from a mother's? Isn't one good parent enough? "Fathers and mothers have unique and complementary roles in the home," says Brett Copeland, a clinical psychologist in Tacoma, Washington. "Fathers encourage competition, independence, and achievement. Mothers encourage equity, security, and collaboration."

W. Bradford Wilcox, director of the National Marriage Project and associate professor of sociology at the University of Virginia, says that fathers' special input differs from mothers' in at least four ways: playing, encouraging risk, protecting and disciplining.

This kind of toys are perfect for developmental and motor control, while the joy factor is always present. Also if you want your kids to develop musical skills consider to have musical toys in your house, like this Pound & Tap Bench Music Toy from Hape Early Melodies or this Rock And Rhythm Band Set Musical Toy also from Hape Early Melodies.


By asking parents of 390 families how they play with their children, psychologist Ross Parke found that "in infants and toddlers, fathers' hallmark style of interaction is physical play that is characterized by arousal, excitement, and unpredictability." Mothers, on the other hand, were "more modulated and less arousing" in their play. This became glaringly obvious to me when my husband left home for a year and a half to work in Afghanistan. My modulated play was not cutting it. Several months into the experience, our three kids began complaining to me, "You never tickle us." I had to take a page from my husband's playbook for a while.

This kind of toys are perfect for those fathers who like to play with their kids, those father who always are present in the upbringing of their children helping to grow healthier, well-behaved and more confident children; even these funny toys could be that crazy present/idea as a gift for that first christmas together for your husband or boyfriend. Ideal for that kid inside of an adult.

Are You Looking For A Fun Way To Play With Little People Wheelies?

Amusement Park is over 2 feet tall, so the wheelies really zoom down each of the ramps. Features a fun 360 degree loop!(#ad)