First Christmas Together Gift Ideas For Husband What To Buy Him

Christmas is here and you have the privilege of enjoying your first christmas together as a married couple.

You love your husband so much that you want the perfect gift and you started to type on Google looking for those perfect first christmas married gift ideas for your husband.

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You don’t want some clichès gifts, you want something truly uncommon that you can use to express you love him so much and that you are very happy of being married to him. This holiday season is special because you two love so much and you want to give him the perfect christmas gift.

So you have been wondering these past few weeks about great gift ideas for this coming holiday season, and since is your first Christmas you will spend as a married couple you want get him the most special and memorable item.

Unfortunately most of wives are always running out of time and need the help of some kind of curated list for brainstorming ideas about those first christmas gifts for husbands.

Well this issue is one of the best resources where you can get the inspiration for accomplishing that very lovely objective, give love to your man.

Well, most of the time people return again and again to the same kind of presents: toolboxes, movies, ties, drills, shoes, shirts, you know the ones.

Why don’t go for the creative route, the unexpected path, give him something that he doesn’t even know he wants, something that allow him to start a new hobby (cycling, soccer, outdoor sports), something that spark new enthusiasm on him, something that has to do with his dreams from childhood.

Also why don’t purchase something that make you two spend even more time together as a couple, you know a gift that makes you two are closest than ever.

Some women say that men are so hard to shop for, and that is true on some men specially when they have way too specific tastes.

It’s almost like you can’t get them something without asking them first, so they are not very fond of surprises.

So if you have troubles for coming up with ideas on the best christmas gifts for your husband for your first christmas don’t despair, start with the relaxing knowledge that men are so much harder to shop for than women.

And second start thinking on all hints you can collect from the little time you know him as husband, what things move him, most of the time are simple things that mean a lot for him, is not the thing but what those things mean for him.

This is a wonderful time to show your better half how much you love him, it doesn’t have to be a stressful time.

When go to shopping for your man, don’t be stressed, breath deeply and put a smile on your face, your thoughts will be more clear and I almost guarantee you will find THE perfect gift, yes it could be a little challenging to find just the right thing, but since it’s your first christmas celebration together it’s worthy!

The idea of this mini guide is to fill your head with suggestions for what to buy your husband for this special first christmas as a married couple together?

Don’t forget simple things like music, but not limit yourself to only CDs and DVDs, think of the gift of memories, spending time, experiences. If you know there will be concerts coming up in your city, why not go to that concert, and after that to a dinner.

Another good idea that has to do with experiences instead (or coupled with) commercial gifts is to taking a mini trip to your favourite destination (or a new destination), what is good about his idea is that instead of being stressed wondering what to get my husband for our first christmas together, you two will focus on planning the trip, so no stress and more excitement for the coming holidays.

Also don’t forget to write him a cute letter (handwritten) telling him how happy you are for this 1st christmas as Mr and Mrs, tell him how much you love him.

I mean the letter is on top of the other things you will get him, believe the letter will be the most special gift always. More often than not one of the best ways of finding stress relief for that gift is simply to ask him that thing he would like for christmas, if you know how to ask he will tell him, subtly or not, and you will avoid a lot of headaches of christmas rushing.

And here’s a little tip: since this is the same for every year, why not take note of those things mentioned by him throughout the year, so you have a little notebook where you will never run out of ideas on what can i get my husband for our first christmas or a future christmas, christmas stress no more.

Also don’t forget to decorate your home or your tree with a first year married ornament.

They are cute and special, they are not expensive and will set the tune for this lovely season, after all the gift doesn’t matter so much as the fact you two are together.

This guide is a good starter for those first christmas together gift ideas for your husband that won’t break the bank.

Explore the list, visit the vendor pages and start narrowing down what you should buy for him, what your budget will allow to get him and ultimately to find the best christmas present for your better half.

And no matter what you buy for him, make sure of make him laugh throughout this coming year.