Large Life Size Animated Santa Claus Statues Figure Outdoors Decoration Stuffed

Christmas is a time for strong sentiments, gatherings of family and friends, good food and nice traditions. Learn to make the best out of this memorable time in pictures for old and young.

Don't be afraid of arranged picture taking..
Many situations around the Christmas tree or large life size animated Santa Claus statues are quite messy. Don't worry of arranging a fine scene like grandfather in the big chair with the youngest family member on the lab with a big Christmas present in the small hands.

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You want the best decoration for your home this christmas and you thought one of the best ideas was to purchase a life size animated santa claus that sings, dances, moves and tells christmas stories.

Nice choice for an outdoors and indoors holiday decoration. There are many models being offered in online marketplaces such as ebay and amazon, and you will be able to find the one you think best fits your current ornaments at home.

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This santa is such a funny and unique item. It sure will bring joy and lot of smiles when it’s dancing and waving cheerfully.

There are several life sizes models with different height like 48”, 50” 60", 5.8 feet and ¾ life size tall.

Just imagine your large santa claus figure moving its mouth and singing popular christmas songs like “Jingle Bells”, “Wish you a Merry Christmas”, "It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year" and others. Look for the ones that are mp3 compatible.

Read carefully before purchasing your if you want to use outdoors because there are several where label says just for indoors use.

Also a wonderful companion to this funny and crazy santa could be a life size reindeer, a life size santa claus doll (try a Outdoor Santa and Mrs. Clause Set) or a giant snowman, if you have the budget go for it.

Generally, due it’s big size, for ordering this kind of items you need to pay for shipping. Since it’s a life size animated santa (or father christmas) when you see it in action it will make you feel like he is part of the family, after all he will be inside your home all these festive season greeting you with christmas stories and a big ho ho ho.

Try to get a model with a size of 6 ft. tall. Don’t worry for installation of this huge statue because assembly is easy. it’s also a very stable figure decoration since its feet are connected to a large display platform where it’s standing while telling snowy stories.

You can make santa moves with sound and motion.

After christmas, he won’t take big space since you will be able to collapse it down for easy storage, There are figurines that are not standing but there are also models where he is sit down on the reindeer, or are descending the chimney using a rope and I have seen a unique santa riding a harley davidson!

So shop for the best stuffed giant santa that will bring more joy to you and your neighbours.

So if you are disappointed to discover that in real life Santa won’t be coming down the chimney to enjoy some warm milk and delicious cookies, don’t miss santa anymore, bring childhood memories with this life size Santa claus decorating your home, or why not if you want a little smaller sizes look for large santa claus figurines such as 12” and 16” tall santas for decorating tables and spaces around the tree or fireplace.

This coming holiday season this life-size, realistic animated Santa Claus will be the center of the Christmas party, making a nice huge impression on children and adults alike they will enjoy it while he talk, sings and dances.

And for those of you with bilingual families, there are models where he sings both English and Spanish Christmas songs such as: "We Wish You A Merry Christmas", "Up On The House Top" and others.

Also look for those Santa moving figures where you can connect the statue to the stereo and as the music sounds he will move his mouth as he were singing, or simply you can connect a microphone and he will move his mouth to your words while turning his head.

This giant real-life size it’s a great addition to any collection of a christmas or santa collector. There are good and know brands such as Gemmy, CD&G, Vickerman and others.

Have lots of fun decorating your home for this coming christmas, be safe on this time of the year and Happy Holidays!