Best Intermediate Drone With Camera Under 500 Beginners

With each passing day flying quadcopters and drones is becoming a popular hobby. More and more drone enthusiasts have been searching Google lately for the right kind of model for them, and chances are they are almost ready to buy their first drone (or to upgrade your old model).

If you are just venturing into this exciting world of quadcopters for the first time, you will find the one from the wide range of options to choose from. Different drone models are designed for a variety of specific applications such as research, recreation, aerial video, etc.

Look For Drones That Offer Precise Flying and Great Value

If you are looking for the best drones for your current skill level, then this article will be helpful for you. The drone market offers many inexpensive models with beginner pilots in mind. And also offers higher-end quadcopters for professionals who do aerial photography.

It seems like constantly a new type of drone is emerging in the marketplace announcing improved and new cool features. That's good for the market: creating evolution of products and that also could mean cheaper prices. But a disadvantage of that is that you will be overwhelmed with so many options. And of course both you and me want the best for the money we are paying for.

This article will help you to find the best drone for you. There are so many options out there and you could be overwhelmed with so variety, but let a few questions you can answer yourself and a few pointers you find the best quadcopter regardless if you are a beginner or intermediate pilot or a more experienced users with “hours of flight” with FPVs.

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Due to the fact that quadcopter technology is constantly evolving, obviously we can't consider this article as finished. We will be visiting this article periodically in order to add more drone reviews for you.

Have Great Fun With Your Quad! That's The Main Idea

And of course regardless if you are a beginner or intermediate user, the main objective of purchasing a drone is to enjoy watching it fly, having fun flying your new favourite toy. That's why the great adoption by drone enthusiasts around the world. Many are finding this new cool technology fascinating and they want to experience first hand.

Feel free to read the specifications written below each image where  you could gather the info needed for choosing your best intermediate quadcopter. After you take a quick walk-through below we are confident you will get the help you need to make an informed decision about your next best friend.

These flying toys comes like any other product you know: advanced ones and beginner ones, expensive high-end models and affordable entry level models. That being said, in order to find the right quad that is best for you the first question you have to ask yourself, is what kind of droner would you like to be?

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Start With a Drone Made For First Time Pilots

As you may guess your current skill level is a crucial  factor to make a purchase decision. Of course you don't want to waste a lot of money if you crash badly a drone that's way above your current flying skill level. The best option for beginner is to choose an inexpensive quadcopter for learning purposes (with a few crashes here and there). 

If you start with a cheap quadcopter you will increase your skill levels and slowly work your way up to the more advanced aircrafts with better (and more expensive) features.

Speaking of quadcopter for starters, inexpensive doesn't mean that you will choose a poor quality model. In fact, if you have chosen an affordable model, then your next factor to consider is durability (well, and if it's ease to use or not).

Consumer-level drones today are well known by many names such as: RC drones, RC helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles). What people call “quadcopter” (or “quad”) is specific group of drones that are lifted and propelled by four main (hence quad) rotor systems.

With the latest technology these quadcopters can fly very stable Which allows You to Capture better pictures, it is very easy to use them even for beginners Pilots

Quadcopters are by functionality essentially a type of helicopter with multiple rotors where the end of each arm is equipped with a motor and a propeller. With this configuration you will enjoy more stability.

Drones started exclusively as UAV for military purposes, but after many years they have become extremely popular not only for entertainment purposes but for science and research applications.

Capture Aerial Photography Purchasing a Camera Drone

Most new beginner quadcopters come with built-in camera with HD quality. Depending on what you are planning on for your quadcopter for, these entry-level cameras could be all you need.

Obviously a camera will improve your flying  experience. You will able to capture fun moments. As you can expect, more expensive quadcopters come with high resolution cameras used for more complex videography projects.

As mentioned earlier your next drone should fit your drone operation skills, needs, and budget. Drones range from the very basic (with prices lower than let's say $50 - $100) to the more advanced drones with full-fledged features (with prices greater than $2K- $3K).

If you want to purchase a high quality drone for professional projects of photography and videography then you have to invest good money. You will find DJI have captured a good portion of this niche.

Another good model for capturing highly detailed videos is the Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K. With these high-end models user just have to position the drone to get great aerial footage. Advanced users can create great selfie videos with the drone following you wherever you go.

The beauty of this new hobby (or profession for many people) is these UAVs can be used by people from all ages from kids to adults, all of this thanks to the great usability features that make very easy to pilot even the more high-end models.

Try to look for quads with compact size and lightweight build. These features lead to better maneuverability and longer battery life.

What Do You Want From Your New Drone?

Drone technology advances at a rapid rate. And one of the challenges we have with this fast evolving technologies is that  fear of regretting our purchasing decision tomorrow. In order to overcome this you have to do is to know what exactly you want to accomplish flying your drone.

Are you using it just for recreational purposes? or would you like to take aerial footage with a 4K camera? Are those videos to be professionally captured or is just for remember the fun moments?

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 Just by answering those questions you will narrow down your options and when you couple this with the budget you have to set aside for this purchase you will soon taking your best decision.

Yes you will have to explore  a little further to fine tune your search, but here is where customer reviews of big online retailers like Amazon enter the scene. You have to take advantage of reviews written by previous customers where they relate their experience with the model they purchase, pros and cons.

Not only customer reviews, but a carefully read product description ould mean you find exactly what you are looking for. Also there are many good unboxing videos on YouTube where people show what is inside the box when they unbox their recent purchase.

Yes, it could be a little difficult to choose a specific model without having a first hand experience with it first. Anyway, as mentioned earlier a good way to test the waters (or the air) before you go for a particular model is to purchase a cheaper model, one where you don’t mind a little bit of minor accidents. This is especially true if you are a beginner user and just want to learn how to fly a drone.

If you are specifically looking for the best drone suitable for beginners then pay attention to those features that has to do with stability, durability and if the drone will be ready-to-fly out of the box. Those features are among the most important factor to consider a drone beginner friendly or not.

The First Step Is Just Getting In The Air

Each new day drone manufacturers are creating new ways to provide improved better and safer flying experiences for the end user. We will be constantly updating this article to let you know the latest developments in that front. For now, get outside and fly that drone that best appeal your senses, your current needs and your budget of course. You will learn more about what you want out of your next drone and next time when you upgrade your quadcopter you'll know more specifically what you want to operate.

We hope this article have been useful to help you find the best intermediate drone to meet your need. Remember is just matter of careful research and evaluating if your prospective quadcopter is the one will make your life easier.