Best Travel Toys For Toddlers In The Car Preschoolers Games Long Road Rides

It can be tough to keep your toddler entertained for long car ride (or even a small trip).

So you went to Google finding those best toys you can give them to capture their undivided attention, yeah right during the car travel.

This issue serves a mini guide and a mini list for finding great small toys that will make your travel (and for your toddler too) pleasurable and fast.

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When you travel unprepared it can be a daunting job and you wish you had dedicated some minutes to have your toddler something fun to entertain him/her.

These useful travel toys were hand picked to keep your little baby happy and stimulated during the whole trip.

This list contains awesome games, activities and toys that not only will have their attention over them but hopefully they will learn some new fun things while they are playing on the road.

Since babies under five years old are the ones with lesser attention span, we keep to focus the item list to that group age.

Problems tend to appear when our kids are bored, so if you could get a pair of the best travel toys for kids under 3 years then your car journey will be funny and exciting.

You already know that good toys are an essential part of your toddler's growing up, but the question here is something like this: which are the perfect toys for this long car ride I’m making next week? they must be easy to carry, light, comfortable and not so big.

how do I know which toys to buy (or bring with us from home) that will make my baby to be happy during the car ride?

Sometimes could be hard to choose among the myriad of options, but with some common sense and thinking about the purpose of the toy you will narrow down your option to 3-4 toys.

This way you will know if you opt for a arts and crafts focused toy or an item made for learning by hearing for example.

A good travel toy could make a miracle, your trip could be faster, well at least in your mind. What is the perfect travel toy for your baby boy? the answer is, none.

Yes there is no single perfect toy for this cases.

But what you could do is to give your baby a set of options for him to choose, a set containing activities and small light toys that will be able to keep him their senses attached to them for 10-20 minutes at a time.

Try to pick something that doesn’t produce a lot of noise (you want peace within your car), choose small and light toys (you have reduced space there), you want something all your children could choose from (if they can share the activities that’s better).

For example, if your toddler like this or that cartoon movie, then a DVD player it’s a great option for them to watch that movie.

If they have a hand-held video game then that could be good for keep him concentrated for a short time.

And that’s where enter the backup games, as you know, the novelty of their favourite game wears off and they want to do another thing, then you give them their next favourite toy, and so on.

Another good idea is to take advantage of the reduced space and start telling stories, if you are a good storyteller, you could keep your baby engaged for a long time, especially if they have curiosity question and you expand the story upon them.

So if on your last trip you discovered your baby hates car rides, maybe you weren’t prepared with some small activities and toys for keeping boredom away.

The right fun and portable toys and games will keep your babies entertained on Travel. The moral of the story is that you should think outside the box and inside of realm of common sense.

For example, it’s a good idea to bring with yourself favourite toy like a car collection, is a good idea, but what you couldn’t expect is that bag of cars will keep his attention up for the entire trip.

So common sense tell us we should pack other small items, and yes they could be related toys.

But you won’t wrong if you include some completely unrelated items, for instance a pair of magnifying glasses, a small ball or a set of bendable dinosaurs figures for pretend play in prehistoric car, and don’t forget buckle toys, toddle love buckle toys for traveling!

The point you want to keep in mind is that you should strive for variety, uniformity is boredom, variety of toys and activities is a long (or small) enjoyable car trip.

With the right variety of toys you will prevent your kid to become bored and you will engage all aspects of his/her curious mind.

So explore this useful list with several of the best toys for car rides for babies

Some other examples of great ideas for including on the traveling set of activities for learning, fun and creativity are: Coloring books, doodle pads, coloring crafts, funny stickers, small action figures, bendable animals are perfect for travel but get boring quickly.

And if you want to keep boredom entirely away then pack other completely different pack of toys for the car trip back home.

New crafts, a fresh coloring book, some few new toys will bring, remembers kids are all novelty, for next 10 minutes as you already know.

If you want to increase their attention span a little percentage higher then why don’t try to keep it the travel toys and activities hidden, if they know they will be a surprise then when it’s time for doing the trip they will do, hopefully, the activities for longer.

Now, you could also let the kids choose several of their favorite toys for the trip but keep the others reserved as a surprise.

They will be excited to know what the activity bag contains and the trip will be more enjoyable.

So let the different fun activities with sounds and games entertain your little one (travel toys for 3 year old),

Let the toys teach and entertain your baby by engaging his senses and his hand-eye coordination and may your family have the best car trip of your lives by using one of these great car travel toys for toddlers.

Once you, as a family, reached your intended destination, don't forget to allow your kids play with toys made with high quality standards and designed for little hands, like this Hape Early Melodies Pound & Tap Bench toy, which is good for capturing baby’s attention while stimulates hand-eye coordination and music abilities. It's not a travel toy but it's a good toy you could keep in mind for at home playing time.

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