Acrylic Plastic Mirror Sheets For Bathroom

This laminated film makes the mirror stronger and better protected and makes cut out pieces looked finished not 'painted'.

Plastic or acrylic mirror are a safer and a convenient way of using a mirror without the risks of a glass. Comes with a protective film for perfect quality

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These plastic mirrors are lightweight, and won’t break easily (check one of the videos I posted below where you see one mirror being hit with a hammer).

It’s good reflective material so it’s apt for decorative displays, for that reason many people look for cheap acrylic sheets from online suppliers.

Not only acrylic mirror are more safe than glass counterpart, they are easier to tu cut and shape than a glass mirror, so these have great many advantages over glass such as they weigh less than a half and they are many times more strong, and you can cut easily for putting over a frame in your bathroom or room.

You won’t spot the difference between them, but it’s very important for your safety that you learn how to mount it properly. Well not only for safety purposes but for good service capabilities because since a acrylic sheet is much more flexible than glass then with use it could bend and adopt a non-planar surface thus distorting the reflected image.

So what we are saying is that Acrylic mirrors are much more flexible than glass ones, and for that reason it must be installed fitting a very flat surface if you want the best reflexion, if you are not careful with that you will have optical problems such as distortion of image, also would be a good idea to use something rigid such as plywood before you install in the wall.

There also other good materials such as plexiglass and polycarbonate mirror sheets. There could be distortion problems if you use a non-thick acrylic sheet, since the thicker the material the better the optical integrity.

Those plastic mirrors can be used in a wide variety of applications. Some examples are safety mirrors for children, ballet rooms, salon mirrors, exterior mirror for outdoor applications and other general uses where wall mounted unbreakable mirrors are needed.

Anyway for better results it’s better to mount the plastic over a sturdy very-flat backing board, so make sure this surface is clean (free of powdery paint) and very dry.

Also for safety purposes you have to give very special attention when mounting acrylic mirrored frames overhead or ceiling because it’s better if you use edge-engaging frames ( T-bar suspended ceiling frames) or mechanical mounting.

The back of our mirror is a mirrored film that protects it better than paint and perfect for any type of glue.

Also high humidity environments will reduce optical functions. These kind of mirrors are very useful and you can use them for decoration in your bathroom or in the garden. Many manufacturers and acrylic sheet suppliers also cut the plastic to the exact size you need and you can enter the measures when ordering online.

Also you can purchase large picture hanging strips for greater support.Another Good term for looking these online is: plastic mirror film or colored plexiglass sheets or colored polycarbonate sheets.

Simply get a mirror that meets your expectations and get the results you desire for this acrylic mirror.

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