Gaiam Custom Fit Adjustable Balance Ball Chair With Pump Stability Ergonomic

After a little of research you bought a Gaiam Custom Fit Adjustable Balance Ball Chair because after following the advice of some fitness experts you follow they told you these Exercise Stability Ball Chairs would help you to improve your back general health.

Surely after you saw pictures of this balance ball chair you wondered if this was real, and you decided to purchase one when you realized it employs the same principle used when you are doing your workout routine.

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After you order you realized you didn't like the feeling of being seated on rubber all day, it doesn’t feel smooth and comfortable to the skin, or maybe could be uncomfortable on hot days, so this gaiam balance ball chair cover could be the perfect accessory you need for perfect comfort.

When working at the office or home and you will realized that the cover will enhance the general appearance of the ball chair with a new color accent.

This is the perfect accessory for it, since you will add interest to any existing home or office décor, it’s good also for doing light workouts.

The material which is made of is faux velvet material, and as you know is soft to the skin and surely your sitting experience will be way better.
You don’t know to worry when it’s time for the washing machine since it zips on and off easily. And btw, the zipper is always hidden, so people will think the ball is made of velvet.

Keep in mind when it's time to wash the cover to not include any other clothes since some customer complained about dye of the cover messing with other clothes.

Another common complaint is that you won’t get the exact color as picture in the vendor, so don’t expect the very same color, use them as general guide, but maybe you won’t get the same brightness of the photos shown.

There was a customer asking if this cover will be useful for keep her cat from popping the ball.. Well I don’t think this is the right protector for that risk, but that goes to show how people like their gaiam classic balance ball chair.

On a more positive note, other people really like the product. Some people recommend to fully inflate the ball, just to ensure the cover to fit well.

So first deflate it, put the cover, zipp it and then re-inflate it for best results. Also make sure your ball is a 55cm one.

Some people have said when their ball it is smaller, and they know how to do it, they adjust it with a needle and thread, but well not everybody knows how to sew.

The design is like a volleyball, you will be see the way the cover is sewn just for the different fabric pieces fit together.

Since is velvet, you will notice the beautiful contrast between dull and shiny spots, so definitely those colors will be better than the plain blue or black rubber.

But yes, I don’t know why they don’t make it on other kind of fabrics, maybe they are testing the market with those first.

Another good point to mention is that the cover won’t make the ball slippery, so you won’t have to readjust yourself because you are constantly “falling” from the gaiam ball chair.

After all you purchase it for its ergonomic design not for the cover per se, so the cover should not diminish the main function of the ball.

You can choose between 3 different colors Available: Plum, Sage,or Chocolate.

This brown colored cover is nice for those homes with brown leather couches, the will compliment them easily. Other people will like the green (Sage) covers est.

So if you purchased (or want to get) a gaiam custom fit balance ball chair just for building a healthier back, to relieve any pains, and to improve your overall posture.

Don’t forget to include a faux velvet zipped cover which will make your seating experience very comfortable as compared to the rubber of the ball chair. Remember these beautiful cover are designed to fit the 55cm.