Base Rock Aquascaping Rock Bag For Aquarium Coral Sand Decor Aquascapes Freshwater Saltwater Tank

If you want to design your own aquascape using base rock for your aquarium. It's like creating your own art gallery but located underwater.

The tanks looked so pretty in the pet shop, but if you got it, now it's time to decorate. There are many different aquarium decorations out there. Coral, driftwood, gravel, plants, artificial plants, rocks and ceramic decorations are just a few types of aquarium decor.

Alert!!! It should be noted that you should only put articles in your aquarium that are labeled "for use in aquariums" so as not to contaminate the tank. May contain harmful ingredients like pesticides or chemicals, and even minerals that can be toxic to the aquarium life.

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Your home will receive a vibrant kick to the aesthetics from this moving picture on your wall. The wall mounted aquarium hangs like a framed piece of art but encompasses live fish. With its eye pleasing design as well as limited maintenance the wall aquarium will become the centerpiece of conversation.

They are made with half tempered safety glass in an ordinary tank. They also come with a beautiful scenic background with some color options for finishes are natural grain, mahogany, cherry, red walnut, oak, black and stainless steel.

Cleaning out the aquarium is the first step after buying the tank; it is important to cleanse the different parts with freshwater with a soft cloth to rid them of dust that may have built-up during storage, which may harm the fish.

Set the tank a little away from a wall so electrical cords and the plug outlet is accessible without the risk of causing any accidents on a steady stand as periodic cleaning and feeding the fish will be required.

After ensuring level installation, fill the tank with store-bought saltwater or you can prepare a solution of your own. For a couple of days try to test proper functioning and to judge pH, temp and saline levels.

When is ok the tank water conditions have been tested, you can start with the aquarium landscaping by decorating with plants, fronds and rocks etc. as reducing water levels helps make landscaping easier. After this has been attended to, you can once again replace the water marked previously by you as being the fill-line measure. Use a permanent marker for this.

First, you need to decide on a theme, you will want to make sure you put all the smaller objects and plants in the front and arrange the larger ones towards the back so it can all be seen. Aquarium décor is more than just ornaments and decorations in your tank. The more holes and ridges the better, they can provide necessary shelter for the sea life thriving in your aquarium.

Keep the aquarium experience fun and new for both you and the fish. The tank décor and ornaments should be cleaned once a month using a cleaner made especially for cleaning fish tanks and aquariums. It's also a good idea to rearrange the décor every time you clean. 

Bring life to your fish tank and give your aquatic pets a nice environment that makes them feel like in their natural habitat.

You want a rock ready to use and very safe to use for all aquarium habitats, you want to use a 100% Natural Stone that doesn't change the chemical properties of your aquarium.