Artificial Fish Tank Decoration Plastic Plants Floating Aquarium Ornament Décor

Artificial Fish Tank Decoration - Invigorate Aquarium Decor

Decor your aquarium with vibrantly-colored artificial aquatic plants.

Your pet fish won't swim in a dull and boring ambience anymore. Whether you have a marine, tropical, or cold-water aquarium, by adding some ornaments and beautiful plants on the base you’ll provide your underwater pets with a green and beautiful living place.

Fish need plants and ornaments in the tank to hide among and feel secure. These decorative plants will keep them happy, because your fish will enjoy the environment that these plants provide, they can swim and hide through the leaves of these soft plastic water plants.

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From natural stones and wooden ornaments to fun themed backgrounds and bright plastic aquariums plant decorations, there’s something to suit every aquatic home. You can make aquariums look more full of life with the appropriate ornamentation for your fish tank.

You can find colourful fish tank ornaments, rocks that serve as hideaways and floating plants to suit any style in the market of aquarium enthusiasts.

You will be happily surprised by the vibrancy of the beautiful colors from these artificial fish tank plants. And since they are made of plastic they are great to decorate your aquarium with minimum maintenance without pruning. So these kinds of ornaments are very suitable for people with busy schedules.

So, if you are looking for aquarium plants to spruce up your fish tank, then you will be delighted to know this kind of aquarium plant will light up your fish tank and bring a vivid and colorful feeling to you. Since your tank won't be exposed to the sun your plants won’t wither, they will stay fresh-looking even a few years later. Artificial seaweed water plants are an excellent choice for aquarium lovers.

Plastic aquarium plants are soft and won't hurt fish, they will neither fade nor create pollution to the water, or they won't rot in the water, respecting the comfortable and clean living environment for fish.

You'lI simply love the color they bring and how your aquarium looks with them floating on the surface or underwater swaying. They are vividly and color detailed, perfect to add a lively decoration to your tank. Once these lifelike water plant ornaments are in the tank people can't even tell it's made of plastic.

These plastic fish tank plants are the perfect ornament for most fish tanks, with them, you can add a splash of color to brighten your aquarium landscape. They are great for both freshwater and saltwater environments.

Look for plants made of premium materials, free from rot. Make sure the provider states that their plastic plants do not affect the PH in your tank.

Leaves should be made of soft PVC materials, which won't hurt your fish or other pets and will provide a comfortable and clean living environment for them.

Also look for plants that come with a thick and durable ceramic base, which is stable and can prevent plants from accidentally floating in the water. These bases provide some weight to anchored plants which is useful as they won't topple over in the water, so tank plants will stay where they have been placed, stand upright in the water, also fish cannot root the plants up, Don't go for those with tiny bases.

If the plant is sturdy enough it can stand upright even outside of water, so its a suitable décor for both aquariums and reptile terrariums.

Make sure that the base is also soft, meaning not too hard or sharp because this will make the decoration no suitable for fish with long fins.

Each lifelike aquarium plant ornament will make your aquascape be more nice-looking, and what is more important, will create a comfortable environment for the fish providing excellent hiding places for fish. Your fish won't show signs of stress from the new plants, rather the fish will seem pretty happy swimming around them.

Make sure the plant you choose comes with a removable root. This is important because if it's easy to disassemble then it's easy for cleaning, The detachable design of a high-quality artificial water seaweed root means it can be used multiple times and prolong the service life.

Keep in mind that artificial aquarium plants do not glow themselves, but just imagine how they will look under the illumination of LED lights. Definitely they will reflect light, making your tank brighter.

Some people commented that some plants smell really plasticky when they get them in the mail. The solution for this is simply give it a wash and rinse well and the smell and any other manufacturing residues will tend to go away.

Other people also asked if using an artificial realistic plant is suitable for aquariums with beta fish? Well, the safest decoration for beta are decorations made of silk or cloth because this kind of fish has such long fins, The only way you can use plastic for beta is if you make sure the leaves have no sharp edges. Plastic leaves will be more for shorter-finned fish.

Besides using plastic fish tank plant decorations you can also use aquarium bogwood which is a beautiful hardscape natural material for adding decoration, nutrition and hiding places for all your livestock in aquariums and terrariums. To make it more decorative, bog wood is also perfect for attaching live plants to, such as anubias, java fern and java moss. It is also suitable for natural setups for all Reptiles and Amphibians.

This is a natural aquarium driftwood wood packed with nutrients and perfect for natural setups. Logs, chunks of wood, roots and fallen trees are all part of a natural environment and help to enhance the living conditions of your pets, providing good biofilm grazing.

Bog wood is suitable for aquarium and terrarium set-ups. Please note that before introducing this wood to an aquarium. you should pre soak the wood, because it contains little tannic acid.

Bog Wood gives all types of fish the feeling of security and gives species such as catfish and central american cichlids a place to hide. There is nothing more ideal for aquarium and terrarium livestock than real elements to provide a realistic setting.

The remnants of these dead branches result in interesting, intricate patterns and highly ornamental pieces of wood. They look great in the aquarium!

The natural wood will float until completely saturated and will then sink. The material will break down over time, taking anywhere from 6-12 months or so to do so.

In order to prepare the wood for placing it in an aquarium or pet habitat, boil it for at least 10 mins before use which will help it sink more quickly and remove any dirt, dust, etc.

Aquarium backgrounds or background covers for aquariums, vivariums and terrariums is a colourful background used to add a splash of personality and character to a pet fish tank. These backgrounds work in conjunction with artificial plants and other stunning ornaments to create depth and dimension to any ecosystem.

Aquarium and vivarium backgrounds are an affordable way to add detail and character to your tank without having to use real life plants and features. They usually come with an underwater fish scene but there are varied themes that provide the perfect finishing touch.

Vivarium and aquarium background secures neatly against the glass panels for an effortless set up and many of them also feature a double sided design.

Another wonderful decoration for your tank is a nice floating aquarium log. This Natural looking tree log aquatic decor adds an authentic look to your aquarium, they usually include swim through holes for added fun and also provides shelter and hiding places fish need to help reduce stress.

Its size makes it perfect for large freshwater tanks. Please make sure that the log is made of non-toxic, fish-safe materials and colors.

Another touch for your fish tanks are more fish. And we are talking about artificial fish that look like real fish and are a nice addition for decorating your aquarium and fish tank. Those delicate and lifelike moving floating fish come with random colors and patterns. 

Tails of these artificial fish are able to move from side to side, which makes them swim with a life-like action. Please Note: The fish can float only in flowing water, or they will sink down.

For the bottom of the aquarium you can buy fish tank decorated rock or lava stones, if you couple this with marine sand black for Aquarium you will have a nice setup for anchoring an aquatic plant.

Besides anchoring aquarium plants (live or dead) there are many more artificial fish tank decoration options available: items such as floating aquarium ornaments, floating moss, bamboo for aquariums, plant pot aquarium decor, and aquatic plant cups.

And since we are talking about keeping fish happy and healthy, don't forget an aquarium chiller. This is an automatic machine that keeps your temperature at a set level. An aquarium chiller uses powerful sensors and refrigeration technology to automatically cool the water whenever it gets too hot. This allows you to use strong lights without having to worry.

Another important piece of equipment is a protein skimmer. Nitrites and nitrates build up naturally in your aquarium as a waste product from feeding your pets. These can spiral out of control very quickly, and cause algae and bacterial blooms that can choke or starve your fish and corals. A protein skimmer consistently removes this waste from your aquarium as soon as it builds up, helping you maintain low, stable NO4 and NO3 levels in your tank.

The third important tool is an auto top-off system. This senses when the water level in your aquarium begins to drop and adds water to the tank. It doses pure fresh water into your tank and keeps everything stable.

Another factor to keep in mind is the size of the tank. Generally, a larger tank will be way easier to control.

It's very important to provide your aquarium with fresh air. An oscillating fan will usually be enough to provide fresh air and to provide some sort of exhaust as long as your aquarium is near in the open. If you get the aquarium in a small space or inside a closet (which is a bad idea), be sure to leave the door open as much as possible. This will ensure proper ventilation and your aquarium will do well.

Aquariums can be decorated according to your personal taste, using any color preference and the many types of decorations are limitless, so matching any décor would be very easy to do.

Weekly water changes (you can set a manual reminder in your personal calendar using simply a marker), constant water testing, replacing vho lighting and adding supplements are only some of the elements that go into a successful saltwater or freshwater fish tank and are of vital importance if you want to start your first tank up.

Other things to keep in mind to set up your aquarium are: aquarium gravel, filter, heater, fish food, aquarium vacuum or siphon. You have to measure and control parameters like pH, nitrate, salinity, temperature, alkalinity and calcium.

Well, after the fundamentals of your tank are taken care of, you can begin to think about decorations.

Only then, you can enhance the look of your aquarium with these soft artificial plastic fish tank plants, which are a great realistic decor for your beautiful aquarium. Fake plant aquarium decorations are composed of two parts: the leaves and roots, both should be made of soft PVC materials. Ideally it should contain a ceramic base (with no rough edges), which makes the plants stand upright in the aquarium.

These fake hydroponic plants or artificial aquarium seaweeds make for a fish’s wonderful hiding space and also can be a beautiful decoration to your tank. It will bring a vivid and colorful feeling to your space. These plants can be used for a long time and they are suitable for a variety of fish tanks, such as 20 gallon, 30 gallon, 40 gallon or larger.

Artificial fish tank plants are great for fish tanks and aquarium decorations, which makes your aquarium full of vitality and vibrant colors. Add life to your aquarium with this low-cost decoration of artificial seaweeds which require low maintenance but largely beautify your fish tank.