Chef Buddy Cotton Candy Machine Reviews

Chef Buddy Cotton Candy Machine

The excitement that this fluffy treat gives to kids and adults alike need not be confined to carnivals.

Cotton candy (also known as candy floss) is one of the fares at any carnival that make kids really have memorable fun. Even adults going to carnivals feel like children once again when they see this sweet, sugary treat. It's quick and easy to use.

It is a magical confection. You see this treat's maker continuously spinning a confection that resembles pillows of wool. When it is time to have the cotton in your mouth, that sensation of snowflakes melting is so delicious.

This is an un-asked surprise gift for Christmas. Or for other events really, anyone holding birthday treats, and even parties, can make candy floss a part of the affair, making it even more of a magical moment to remember.

Carnival Flavor Anytime!

Take a look at the box below where options are shown very useful to satisfy your sweet tooth when the carnival isn't in town.

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Fun for kids and adults. Just follow the chef buddy cotton candy machine instructions and you will start enjoying the carnival flavor in no time! 

The countertop size cotton candy machine chef buddy makes it practical for the kitchen space. You'll have mouth watering cotton candy in three easy steps. Simply Turn on the machine to heat up, pour into the center and start making cotton candy!

Don't forget to buy the starting set that includes the grape flavored sugar and paper cones necessary. Or simply to add a little flavor and color, mix a pinch of your favorite pre-sweetened Kool-Aid to the sugar. Imagine the variety of flavors you can make and the fun you'll have.

Just imagine the kids gathered around the kitchen making cotton candy for all the family. Of course, thismachine requires adult supervision because its center gets very hot when making cotton candy.

Chef Buddy Cotton Candy Machine Reviews

You can find customer reviews and common questions and answers about Chef Buddy watching youtube videos made about this fantastic device.

It's an easy to clean device due to its suction cup base that comes apart easily. This is a very high quality item and should last many years.

10 wooden sticks for making the candy.

Appliance specifications: 120v 60hz 450w - 40 inch Two Prong CordMeasures 9.25 (H) x 10.5 (W) x 10.5 (D) inches

Kids and adults alike will enjoy this timeless carnival classic all in the comfort of their own kitchen.