Hape Early Happy Melodies Grand Piano Playful Review

Who would know that only eighteen kid-size keys will produce all those elegant and vibrant sounds from a piano toy. Give your childs the best gift: a playful 18-key upright piano where they can learn and love music. The gift of music and self-expression is the door to many good thing for your child: happiness, musical awareness.

Make your kids Budding concert pianists with one these Hape Early Melodies Happy Grand Pianos, they will capture your child’s inner music and expression with vibrant powerful sounds created by striking those little keys.It’s an instrument of discovery and artistic engagement. Yes it’s a musical toy made of wood, but it’s created to produce great sounds because was made with expert craftsmanship.

It’s built to be a durable piano, made with sturdy construction and using strong and high quality materials like Maple and birch plywood, Also the finish of this piano it’s with child-safe non-toxic water-based high-quality paint which is also easy to clean This beautifully crafted wooden piano by Hape is the perfect starter instrument to awaken and develop your kids musical interest and skills.

It’s the ideal starter instrument because it plays great sounds, not toy sounds. Also this wood grand piano will help your kid with promoting dexterity and the all important hand/eye coordination and hand independence. So let your kids play little concerts playing this nice instrument, it’s the perfect introduction to the fantastic world of music.

The company who made them, Hape Toys, is one of the world’s best manufacturers of wooden toys, which means they make these instruments from sustainable materials with the strictest international standards for quality and safety (Comply with EN71 and ASTM quality standards - wood used comes from FSC managed forests), providing fun for those mini maestros.

They come in two brilliant colors: Black and pink. So give your kids one of these hape early happy melodies grand piano and you will opens your child’s mind to the wonderful world of music, let the clear sound for every musical note helps your kid to explore scales, rhythm, melodies, loud or soft music in order to further his/her recently discovered talent.

The beautiful grand piano from Hape will bring joy to your kids with its big and resounding sound. The grand piano comes with 30 color-coordinated keys, a piano bench and music book. You don’t need to have a big space (fits in a small or tight space) for it and it’s a perfectly portable piano, it’s made for small hands so promotes hand coordination in your kid. Yes it says 3 years old and up but I don’t see why a 2 year old kid couldn’t explore pounding the keys of this amazing piano.

These options, are more professional and with magnific customer reviews, offers true sound and tone at an affordable price that is suitable for both beginners and experienced players.(#ad)

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Flychord DP330 Traditional Console Digital Piano 

The TOP sound engine with grand piano meticulously sampled produce an awesome and decent grand piano sound. At 24 x 59 x 15.4 inches dimensions, which makes it more substantial upright piano.

Happy Grand Piano have a grand appearance (has a lid that can be opened) with stylish design, so it’s an ideal and elegant for your littlest pianists because it produces great resonant resonant sounds with those kid-sized keys. Hape toys has been a leader in designing and manufacturing high quality baby and children's toys made from sustainable materials since 1986, so you can expect this grand piano to be a high quality wooden toy piano, so give your children the best of gifts; a wonderful hape piano - happy grand black or pink. Let’s the music starts.

The only drawback of this beautiful piano is that you cannot bring it with yourself inside the car for a car travel, lol. Speaking of that, make sure next time you are planning a car or plane travel with your kids to include a small set of inexpensive and small set of learning games suitable for long and short trips. This way they will keep learning while playing during the travel.

Not all toys have to be purely educational, but also they could have the fun factor present in a big way such as this body knocker dancing groot figure, is practical for traveling because just use the power of the sun. So while your kids are not learning piano or any other musical instruments they could be learning with suitable toys for traveling or playing with funny crazy toys, or watching funny videos like Denver the guilty dog from YouTube. All these activities will make the trip full of pleasure and joy while your arrive home to play her favorite instrument again.

Certainly raw talent is not a prerequisite for starting piano lessons, but it does help. Observe your child during playtime. Do you notice that she hums along frequently to the radio or sings to herself while doing other tasks? If you have a piano in the home, do you find her plunking away at it when others are not enthusiastically praising her? Can she sing on key relatively well? All of these clues suggest that your child may have a natural “ear” for music, and would flourish in private piano instruction.

You Can Promote Dexterity, Hand-Eye Coordination, And Musical Relationships In Your Child!

Do not dismay if you fail to notice any of these signs. Children who tend towards mathematics, building, and engineering can also thrive in piano lessons. Sometimes it is a matter of providing the right opportunity for a child to showcase talent that was previously hidden.

Ultimately the decision to start piano lessons hinges on the commitment of the parent to help his or her child succeed. Be prepared to fork over some money, time, and space in your home.

It’ll all be worth it that moment when your daughter sits down at her piano in front of a crowd, and moves the audience to tears with her masterful fingers. You will have given her a lifetime of enjoyment making music.

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Can be happend that after not playing for a long time, you would like to relearn the piano

It is easy to get discouraged at how much skill, strength and dexterity has been lost during the years of no practice. However, with patience and diligence, you can return to your previous form and beyond!

An old piano can given up the ghost many years ago, stuck keys and wood damage meant the repair cost was much more than a new piano.

Start slowly. It's too tempting to play for hours on end like you once did. But reign in your enthusiasm for extended practice sessions for a while.

Your hands (and entire body) need time to remember their previous skills, build strength and regain flexibility.

Over-practicing will cause pain and frustration, which can lead to quitting all over again.

Commit to a short practice session every day to restore and maintain the brain-finger connection. Start at 20 minutes, then gradually increase the time and the difficulty of your exercises and music.

Tip: Use a timer to limit your practice session - when it rings, stop for the day, stretch and massage your hands.

You may find strength exercises away from the keyboards useful. For example:

Using a rubber band for resistance, stretch the fingers apart.

Squish silly putty or play dough between the fingers (pressing the fingers together against resistance).

Squish a stress ball for overall hand strength (and stress relief).

If You Want A Piano To Your Child With A Realistic Look, Excellent Resonant Sound, And A Lid That Can Be Opened...

This wooden musical instrument is recommended for ages 36 months and up!(#ad)