Denver The Guilty Dog YouTube Video Compilation Funny Got Into The Trash

You may remember "Denver Our Guilty Dog" from her viral video on YouTube with more than 40 MILLION views!

You have probably seen the most popular of guilty dog, Denver, Funniest Dog Videos Youtube. Denver's dad finds a chewed up bag of cat treats and when asked if he "did it" he squints, displays a grimace and cowers, hence the "guilty" look. The guilty is in quotes for a reason. Do dogs really experience guilt? Do they know what they did to elicit anger from their human? The answer is most likely no.

Did she eliminate on the carpet, chew up a favorite shoe, bark all day and disturb the neighbors? It could be. Most people have walked into their home at least once and found their dog waiting for them with a look they interpret as guilty for some not yet discovered doggie misdeed. 

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In a dog pack submissive and appeasement behaviors are meant to diffuse or calm a situation, hence your dog is just saying, dude, I'm no threat, just chill. In the video of Denver, you might ask, then why does one dog act guilty and the other does not? We guess that Denver has been caught doing naughty things in the past like ripping into a bag of treats and has been more harshly reprimanded even though he isn't in this video. Denver has most likely come to associate a chewed up bag of treats with threatening body language.

Someone helped themselves to the kitty Cat treats! Let's see who cracks under pressure?

That’s the theme of this viral video, asking suspect #1 Macy. and suspect #2 Denver.

Denver’s owner uploaded a video of her trying to play it cool (and failing spectacularly) while he interrogated her about an eaten bag of cat treats.

Since then, the video got over 42 million views on YouTube, and Denver appeared on Good Morning America and Animal Planet’s Bad Dog.

Some of the youtube comments: Denver's allergic to guilt, mommy's going to have a heart attack, "last week it was the ate the crayons!" is there actually any case in which denver is innocent?

This sweet dog brings a smile to my heart, thank you for sharing your beautiful 4 legged family with us.

I have one of my own that is guilty of stealing (everything that is not glued down...socks, slippers, gloves etc.) But I love him with all of my heart.

Bless every cold nosed fur baby that brings love, joy, and blessings to families everywhere. Denver sneezes then 'smiles' and looks down onto the camera. Haha.

Denver's Toys and books: After the huge popularity of Denver, Now she has her own series of children's books!

Denver Crosses the Creek is a wonderfully illustrated story about trust, honesty, and the importance of obeying family rules.

The story also shares an underlying message for children of the importance to be cautious around strangers.

Follow Denver as she tries to find her way home after getting lost in the Mysterious Woods behind her house.

You'll want to encourage her as she encounters some pretty sneaky characters(as seen on the cover) who trick her with awful directions that lead her further, not closer, to home-until she finds a friend she can trust!

Denver learns first-hand the importance and value of following rules. An entertaining story for children and adults.

Denver the Guilty Dog Plush Toys for People, Now you can snuggle up with your favorite Internet sensation, Denver the Guilty Dog!

Featuring her signature guilty grin, this adorable plush toy also has a removable cat treat bag so you can reenact Denver's infamous incident whenever you want!

Denver sits at 10" tall and is super soft. Perfect for dog fanatics, Denver fans, kids of all ages and kids at heart!

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Funny Guilty Dogs Got Into The Trash Compilation

Desc: Coming home after a long day to find this. Time to investigate and talk to some eye witness, We'll get to the bottom of this.

Sometimes it's hard to tell which of your pets caused a ruckus while you were out, but not today. Unless this dog is headed to a "Star Wars" convention, he has a lot of explaining to do.

When your dog has destroyed your house: Alright, let's grab a camera and see his reaction. Wonder if he ever figured out who did it.

This one is the funniest video ever, the innocence of the dog with the undeniable evidence all over him. Tank was framed!!! LOL!!!!!!

Laughed way too hard when I saw this. No! The big dog was framed! This is America where presented evidence and trial occurs! :D Can of shame.

The "Trashcan-lid of Shame". Who me? What trash? :D "did you get in the trash samson?"

Funny video! Can't count how many times this has happened with my dogs, one of which is a black lab (notorious for eating anything and everything).

Tip for you: Lock your trash cans in the bathroom for the day. Problem solved. :D Click Below For Another Funny Guilty Dog Video