Firstbike Balance Bike Review Lowering Kit For Toddlers 2 year old First Bike

You are looking for the best balance bike for your toddler or your 2 year old little kid, and I will tell you upfront that firstbike has those features concerning safety and performance that will help your little one to ride with joy and without pedals. And the best part is the lowering kit offered by firstbike (and other accessories too) will help your kid to ride earlier and after that this wonderful balance bike will grow with him-/her until he is ready to climb in a normal pedal bike.

As you can imagine helping your kids to build balance is very important since basically is a multi-sensory activity involving input from visual, motor skills and coordination, tactile feedback and positioning systems of the whole body. Developing balance is integrating these inputs and body feedback, they play a role in learning, and other range of activities that children could benefit with. And if we speak of the confidence built when they are able to ride their own run bikes (balance bikes are also called run bikes) and confidence will help to develop and cultivate other set of good qualities on your children. That's without speaking of the amazing health benefits of outdoor activities, that alone will induce him to healthier lifestyles and better quality of life both for children and parents alike.

FirstBIKE is a great training bike for your toddler, and he can start using from earlier as 2 years old up to 5 years old. In order to start using firstbike set of bikes earlier you need to order a lowering kit for firstbike, it’s made from them and is specially designed for making possible that children as young as 18 months would be able to experience to ride his/her FirstBIKE. It’s very easy to install from instructions of the included manual (or video you can found in their website). Also it’s very use to remove when your kid is a little bigger.

This firstbike lowering kit will drop the seat height to 12 inches which is the ideal height for toddlers from 18 months up to 24 months old.

Many parents are happy of having chose first bike as the first bike for their toddlers. It’s built with german design, and will support the child's balance development in balance without causing stress, unlike using training wheels which is the traditional method of learning to ride a bicycle. And it’s also built with your children’s safety in mind, if the kid falls of the bike the recessed bolts won’t cause any harm to him. But remember, no pedal bikes are great to learn balance so your kid won’t fall often because kids learn to prevent falling using their own feet. So when they are ready to climb in a bike with pedals they are much less prone to fall.

These bicycles are made of polycarbonate, which is lightweight material and feature shock resistant properties, as mentioned earlier can grow with your kid because has an adjustable with saddle shape. You can choose among several bikes, the main difference is the color of the frame and type of tire (air or foam).

If you want to adorn the bike then you can purchase an optional Soccer Bell, which is very easy to attach and your kid will be happy to use it as a traffic stopper, there are other models too such as the Blue Mouse bell, the Compass Bell, the Dino Compass Bell and also the FirstBIKE Basket for transport a favorite item, or rocks or anything fun. Also for those snowy adventures in winter you can order a fun MonoSki accessory replacing the front wheel for fun riding over the snow.

Besides of the lowering kit Firstbike has more additional accessories (#ad)

FirstBIKE Basket, Red

Easily to attach and remove. Make your bike your own; individualize it!

Bell Minnie Toddler Helmet

Available in 8 fun themes. Promotes a sense of fun and familiarity with the balance bike.

The way all of this works is this: You don’t want your toddler to focus on the pedals first, you want your kid to learn to balance first, so when they are want to use a normal bike, the balance part has already been taken care of! Balance bikes are way better than tricycles, which tip easily. And even better than those cumbersome training wheels. So by learning to balance first, they will skip those truly unhelpful training wheels, they will be ready for a real pedal bike when they are experts in balance by themselves. These balance bikes are lighter than the other bikes, so that means they are easier to manage, since they are less cumbersome, so kids will be able to pick them up by themselves, since FirstBike are made of composite material they are one of the lighter in the marketplace and also kids could ide under the rain or with the snow.

In the long run, the best balance bikes for toddlers are less costly than the traditional route, yes a tricycle seem less expensive, but are they learning to ride? After a tricycle, they will need some training wheels, so that’s two items and they are not effective for the job, so why not skip all those unnecessary steps all together, and you will save a lot of money, but most important time. Another benefit is that kids love their Firstbike so much, they ride it until they are 5 years old, remember you can adjust the seat in form of saddle, that’s means less change of bikes, so less money to spend also! Btw, the seat comes with Horse saddle shape in order to prevent little rider from slipping off, and won’t absorb anything so it’s ideal for those times when your toddler is potty training.

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You Can Provides The Opportunity For Young Or Small Children To Use The Balance Bike..

Personally my kid has the FirstBIKE Limited Bike with brakes in blue color, we had to purchase the lowering kit separately but it was money very well spent since he has joy riding his own bike. I prefer this one because it’s limited edition and also because it comes with those nice Schwab Big Apple tires which deliver maximum traction on any surface, off road or cement.

When it's time to choose your balance bike safety is first, and for that reason it's very important to get a high-quality helmet and pads for your little kid. Make sure you measure his/her head in order to know the best helmet size.

No pedals? No wheels? Huh? Balance (or run) bikes are a trend that’s here to stay. Children have to use their legs for balance and movement, which makes the eventual transition to a big-kid bike easier. Skip the training wheels and head straight to the sidewalk. The market has offered classic wooden and aluminium balance bikes before, but their latest baby is sturdy and steel framed, with pneumatic wheels for better shock absorption. For kids ages two to five. Comes in different colors for boys and girls.

E is for equilibrium, otherwise known as balance, and it can help you prevent falls and stay active throughout your life. Want to improve your equilibrium now and make good balance a habit?

Always safety first! keep in mind get a toddler helmet for their first bike (#ad)

Wipeout Youth Dry Erase Helmet

Wipeout Dry Erase Helmets encourage kids to assert their individuality by customizing their own inspired designs on Dual Certified helmets.

Raskullz Girls Love Sparklez Helmet

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Don't fall down. Easy advice to give, but in realityit is not always easy to stay upright. Falls often result in fractures, which can have a devastating effect on your lifestyle or even threaten your life.

But falls can be prevented. A large analysis of balance studies found that muscle strengthening and balance retraining programs can decrease the risk of falls by 45 percent. In addition, studies show that people who practice sports have a significantly better sense of joint position and better reaction times than people of the same age who did not practice such balance-intense activities.

If your kid is fit and strong, you can have better balance than much other sedentary kids. There are many ways you can boost their balance:

1. Stay strong. Strengthening your buttocks, quadriceps, and hamstrings goes a long way in improving balance.

2. Join a class. Tai chi (which emphasizes gentle movements and stretching) have a significantly better sense of joint position and better reaction times, yoga, and pilates all require slow deliberate movements, trunk rotation, and one-legged stances.

3. Be productive in your down time. Between sets of strength exercises, while brushing your teeth in the morning, or while waiting at a street corner for the light to change, try standing on one leg and balancing.

4. Work balance exercises into your daily routine. You don't need any special equipment—just your body. For best results, do some or all of these exercises every day.

Riding, pretend-playing, jumping and being kids it's the world of your kids. Besides purchasing a great no pedal bike like the FirstBike, you can also let your kid paly with musical instruments toys, magnets, jump on the trampoline, and pretend-play being chef with a cool uniform with hat, apron and pants, also it's a great party idea.

Forget the training wheels To Teach Your Little Child Balancing And Braking While Learn To Ride A Bike!

Award-winning german design, with steering limiter helps young riders ride much smoother and prevents rough falls. Also you can get the 'Lowering Kit' to provides the opportunity for younger or smaller children to use the balance bike; lowers the bike so the seat is only 12 Inch from the ground!(#ad)