14 Days of Valentines Ideas For Him Gifts Valentine Week

Of course you want to be a creative and surprise him with a cute gift each day of the 14 days days leading up to Valentine's Day. The same applies if you want to reduce the list to just 7 days of valentine gifts.

Well, you need a list of 14 days of valentines ideas for him, so you would start 13 days before Valentine's just to give the big gift/surprise on February 14th.

More Cute Ideas For Valentine's Day?

Each day of the 14 days you will leave little cute gifts for your husband or boyfriend to find.

After one week the anticipation it’s huge wondering what could be next. This expectation is the perfect excuse for including all sort of chocolate covered delights as your next set of gifts.

He won’t be able to wait to see what’s the next gift. It’s exciting, just to get a wonderful present from you each day, I would say that feeling it’s even better than the actual presents.

This list is designed to cause a big nice impression on him start right on day 1, each day explore this list or even better design your own personalized list and let your imagination helps you to make that awesome and creative list of those things that will melt his heart.

Just some ideas: one cute balloon with an "I Love You" message, other day tickets for a concert of his favourite band, other day some handwritten message or poem, another good idea is a good box of chocolates (yes men like chocolate as much as you do).

On day 7, this is valentine’s day if you choose a 7-day list for your valentine it’s the big gift the special one, but if you chose 2 weeks (14 days) then day seven give him 7 special tiny things (7 kisses, 7 candies, 7 hugs, you get the idea or why not 7 flowers).

Another day you could buy him a crazy t shirt with a funny love message.

It’s up to you to decide if you want to leave the gifts in the same spot all days or if you want to surprise him each day with an unexpected spot.

You both will have a lot of fun and you won’t have to spend a lot of money causing a great impression on him, of course if you can afford it you could give it more nice, bright and expensive stuff such as necklaces, or a cute ring.

But never dismiss the power of these 14 days valentines ideas, because if you are unique and different enough he will know how much you love him.

Remember that the best gift is the gift of being present, so if you could do some cool activities together those days even better, invite him to eat something out, or prepare meal together.

Get ready designing a list of activity valentines ideas for those days, experience that week together, go to the park, go to the movies, etc. Plan your 7 days of valentine list or your 14 days of activities with varied cute and romantic activities and gifts and let your lovely details express the love you feel for him.

You will find that this special date it’s not about the amount of money spent on gifts but it's more about letting your boyfriend (or husband) know how much you love him.

Just imagine the thrill when you make him happy after little tiny gift each day, and add in the surprise factor.

And if Valentine’s day was a thing of yesterday and you want to give your boyfriend a cool Saint Patrick’s day gift, then you can use this page as your best guide for doing that.