Kids Skateboard Helmet Pads And Stickers

You are looking for kids skateboard helmets, since you know, a high-quality helmet is the most important item for your kids safety when skateboarding, or doing other extreme activities. This is a good concern to have because you are on the safe side of prevention.

A good skateboard helmet for your son or daughter or even your toddlers aren’t simply an optional outfit they wear, they are a safety necessity. In fact, in most, if not all, of skate places is compulsory to wear skateboard helmets, and even there are local laws related to this piece of safety.

One of the intended purposes of this collection is that you find the best skateboard for your kids at an affordable price. They come from well-known brands in this market of supplies for youth skateboarding.

When you are comparing different brands and styles, check their available sizes even if the helmet is not labeled as a kid or children’s helmet, sometimes they offer multiple sizes.

Also if you want greater savings you can also look for multi-sport helmets, in case your kid also rides bicycles (or the always useful for little kids learning to ride, the FirstBike balance bike with lowering kit) or rolling skates.

Speaking of helmet sizes, you need to measure your child’s head in order to get the right helmet. You need the measurement of his/her head circumference. This is important because you want make sure the helmet fits perfectly your kid’s head, this is crucial for maximum safety, you don’t want a wiggling helmet around your children’s head.

Of course you also don’t want a helmet so tight that hurts. Also it’s important to choose a helmet that you can adjust while your children is growing.

Btw, If you're an adult with a huge head  and you are having difficult to find XXL skateboard helmets then you could click here to get some suggestions for finding the best helmet for you.

Another security measure it’s to check the helmet after a major impact because you want to make sure the helmet offers full protection all the time.

Safety is priority #1! But also your kid want to practice sports with style... original helmets and sunglasses can help!(#ad)

Micro Blue Scootersauras Helmet 

Designed by Micro-Mobility of Switzerland and removable padded inserts.

Polarized Sunglasses Rubber Flexible Frame For Boys And Girls

DUCO lens is 100% UV Protection,blocks 100%. Cheap sunglasses lens will harm your kids’ eyes without recovery. 

This is important if your kid is skateboarding often. Don’t forget pads for protecting knees and elbows. The style of the helmet should be chose by your son or daughter, because you don’t want to give him/her a helmet is not the style they want, it’s exactly like any outfit they wear.

A good way for customizing the helmet is using skateboard helmet stickers with themes that best represent their feeling and style. The list shown in this issue tries to answer the question of what are the best skateboard helmets for kids and toddlers. When searching popular online vendors you will find some popular brands like: Triple Eight, ProTec and punisher and others.

They are high quality and offer extra protection and are comfortable, it’s just matter of personalization (cool stickers are great for this), color and styles. Choose the best for your kid’s tastes and styles (and of course the best size according to their circumference head’s circumference).

Your Child Need Safety Helmet For Skating Being Comfortable And Secure!

Reduce the risk of severe injuries in the skateboards.

Skateboards are very popular among children ages 5 to 14. Even experienced skateboarders can fall, so learning how to fall safely can help reduce the risk of severe injuries.

When losing your balance, crouch down on the skateboard so you have a shorter distance to fall. Try to land on fleshy parts of your body when falling; Try to roll as you fall, which prevents your arms from absorbing all the force.

Other safety precautions to take when skateboarding include the following:

Wear protective gear, such as helmets, padding for wrists, elbows and knees, and closed-toe and slip-resistant shoes.

Frequently check the skateboard for wear and tear.

Only allow one person per skateboard.

Do not hang onto bicycles, cars, or other vehicles while skateboarding.

Carefully practice tricks in designated skateboarding areas.

Avoid skateboarding in the street.

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Raskullz Girls Love Sparklez Helmet 

Shock absorbing EPS inner shell. Ride in style!

Awesome Boys/Girls Bear Safety Helmet

Not only is this helmet adorable and eye catching,and with the animal covers on the front it makes you special.

Reduce the risk of severe injuries in the scooters.

Although scooters have been around since the 1950s, the popular new scooters are often made of lightweight aluminum, weighing less than 10 pounds. They have quickly risen in popularity and are the cause of more and more emergency room visits. Health officials have seen a dramatic increase in scooter-related accidents and injuries.

Most of the injuries happen among boys under the age of 15. The most common injuries are fractures or dislocations to the arm or hand, followed by cuts, bruises, strains, and sprains. Almost half of all injuries tend to happen to the arm or hand, while about one-fourth are to the head and another fourth to the leg or foot. Deaths directly related to scooter accidents have also happened.

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SkaterTrainer 2.0 the Rubber Skateboarding Accessory 

For kids of all ages the perfect gift for beginners who want to master tricks faster or older skaters looking to re-learn old moves.

These accessories stop your wheels from rolling, so you can experiment with tricks or work on balance.

2017 Sunset Skateboards Hippy 69mm Longboard LED 

Patented Sunset LED Wheel Core Technology. Soft and Durable 78a Durometer Urethane

The CDC recommends the same precautions for scooters as for bicycling and in-line skating. It is thought that many injuries might be prevented or reduced in severity if protective equipment is worn. Helmets can prevent 85% of head injuries, elbow pads can prevent 82% of elbow injuries, and knee pads can prevent 32% of knee injuries.

Although wrist guards are effective in preventing injuries among in-line skaters, the protection they provide against injury for scooter riders is unknown, as wrist guards may make it difficult to grip the scooter handle and steer it.

Based on evidence of injury prevention effectiveness for other related activities, the following recommendations may help to prevent scooter-related injuries:

Wear an approved helmet that meets safety standards.

Use knee and elbow pads.

Ride scooters on smooth, paved surfaces without traffic, and avoid streets and surfaces with water, sand, gravel, or dirt.

Do not ride scooters at night.

Young children should not use scooters without close supervision.

Enjoy Your Teddy Bear Helmet

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