Led Bike Wheel Spoke Light Accessory Rim

These led lights are a fun way of staying visible and safe even after the sun goes down stay, gain visibility at night or when you are riding on dark conditions.

There are several well-known brands you can choose from, there is Monkey Light, Maginovo.

If you want to transform your evening bike ride into a fun experience while staying safe then this LED light system you attach to your rims of your bike you will be seen in all sense of the word, seen by cars so you will be have safety and also your lights will be the center of attention whenever you ride with your crazy bike.

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For example, the Monkey FX builds and creates tons of amazing patterns in your spinning cycle wheel. They come with cutting edge digital light art, so you will have fun while doing sports.

You will be enjoying enhanced safety features since these amazing led light visibility systems allow to be seen from the rear, front and from the side at any speed.

You won’t be ignored, literally, because the crazy full color patterns displaying from the spinning bike wheel that you can control from the on board buttons, they are easy to use and fully customizable, so you won’t be short of themes, pattern and colors to nearly every situation you encounter while you are using your bicycle.

Speaking of use to use, the MAGINOVO Wheel Light LED Bicycle is very easy to install on the spokes of almost all kind of bikes, it doesn’t matter if you are using it for the road, mountain, city or if yours is a BMX.

The set of lights is the perfect one for cyclists on urban settings, or if just want to enjoy a casual evening rider. The main point s you don’t want to put your personal safety at jeopardy, It doesn’t matter the time, you should be visible at dark conditions or even under the rain.

If you install any LED lights on your rim of your bicycle wheel, you'll always be clearly visible on those fun nighttime spins, not only in a safer way but in a cool and crazy way.

So yeah, don’t ignore the cool factor when shopping for those led light for your bike (or even other accessories) and speaking of priority accessories for your bicycle you need to consider safety as your utmost factor when choosing the perfect for your hobby. Other needed accessory is a nice pair of rear view mirror sunglasses very useful for riding on the road.

Visibility when you're riding your bike in the dark is crucial and let me say it’s vital.

The way you mount them is pressing them onto the spokes of your wheel bike and after that you slide them towards the rim until you see the fit is tight enough in order to stay securely in place, they will stay there even during off-road riding.

And let the fun begins, not only your bike will be marked in the dark, but also when you're riding at a moderate speed the led lights will creates the great effect of a circle of light which is moving.

So you don’t have to use any special tools because attaches easily.

They are shock and weather resistant and they come in several bright LED colors such as Red, Blue, Green, and others.

And since they are microchip controlled the patterns built are out of this word also the battery life is good,

Easy of operate is another thing to consider, these systems come with an efficient LED, these kind of electronic devices come with several illumination modes, you can choose between a steady glow and a continuous flash, the one you feel more comfortable with.

No matter if you are using these for when you commute on your bicycle to work or when you simply are having a evening ride, people will notice the led lights.

Also during winter season you also want to ride your bike because freezing cold temperatures. To avoid that your feet and hands become rigid. For hands you can opt for heated gloves and for your feet you need your feet to be rested inside some footwear accessories which will help to keep your toes and heels warm and comfortable while riding.

You are getting a very durable product which is very easy to install or remove. The most important part is you the rider will be stay safer than just using tail lights.

Cars will see your lights from a distance. These lights are small so you won’t have problem leaving your spokes year-round.