Thermacell Rechargeable Heated Insole Remote Controlled

During winter season you don’t want to lose freedom of movement, freezing cold temperatures could cause that your feet and hands are rigid.

For hands there are great solutions such as heated gloves (battery or USB powered), and for your feet you need your feet to be rested inside some footwear accessories which will help to keep your toes and heels warm and comfortable at the same time.

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You will be able to walk more freely all day round when you use one of these heated insole accessories. Heated footwear is a popular choice for people who need to be outdoors for extended periods of time under winter conditions.

There are several brands. One I’ve seen with good reviews is Thermo Soles Heated insoles-rechargeable (which comes Available in S, M, L and XL sizes) and they claim they're the world's first wireless rechargeable heated foot insoles! Another brand is ThermaCell which is rechargeable.

Another is Warmawear deluxe which is wireless and comes with remote control.

The way these heated insoles work is they are basically an electrical resistance, using batteries to power the heat generator, after that the heat transferred to the insoles, which then warms the feet and legs.

You won’t have risks of short circuit since these heated insoles come with shock absorption technology so they come with proper insulation with Venture® heating technology.

And also heat is regulated through electronic modes so your shoe or boot will not be burnt with extreme heat.

Not only chilly sub-zero temperatures will have your limbs rigid but there could be other problems such skin rupture, poor circulation in feet and legs and others.

One of the best footwear accessories you could get for your feet are heated Insoles, which are equipped with a special heating device to keep your feet warm and cozy.

The main benefit of these sophisticated insoles (there are insoles with remote control) is you will be able to transfer heat artificially along your legs using the right heating technology

Look for high quality durable and resilient heated insoles that you know are manufactured by experienced footwear manufacturer with great technical knowledge for this specialized footwear.

They come with a rechargeable battery, and this is an advantage since you will be able to recharge them for continued energy supply when you go outside hiking, walking or cycling under cold temperatures.

So this battery provides transferable to your lower limbs giving you protection and comfort. Rechargeable models come with an adapter for recharging the batteries, which are safe, leak-proof, and lightweight.

Many people prefer to purchase wireless insoles remote controlled, because they are easier to use and these tend to be much more comfortable to walk in.

Also other important point is that insoles without wires are the best alternative for people who have lost sensation in their feet, so they may not realize the wires are eventually causing discomfort, resulting in potential injury.

Regarding quality (and prices are correlated to quality), keep in mind that you need to shop for higher quality insoles if you know you will do a lot of walking wearing them.

Quality insoles will monitor the temperature of your feet, so they act as a thermostat, so that they know when there is demand for warmth, thus battery life is conserved, and keeping your feet temperature steady, not too cold nor too hot.

It’s also important to wear boots or shoes with enough size to accommodate the extra thickness of the insoles, you don’t want sacrifice comfort for heat.